Learning how to market your business can seem a daunting task. Sometimes, marketing efforts can even seem incongruous with the actual products or service they try to sell.

For instance, a car insurance provider might use a jovial television or radio advertisement with a singing cartoon character to put their point across. When you think about it though, this upbeat persona is there to sell you on a product which only applies if something goes very wrong with your vehicle.

Should companies only ever be limited to advertising within the scope, mood and dare we say it, ‘aesthetic’ of the products they offer?

Well, perhaps not. But for newcomers, it can seem confusing. For this reason, sometimes it’s good to focus on exactly what it is your business needs, and what messaging would serve its marketing best.

This way, you can avoid confusion, nail your brand voice first of all, and then perhaps in the future you may curate something a little off-beat once that exposure is out there.

Consider Your Brand’s Written Personality

When it comes to managing your brand, it’s important to consider how your brand sells itself and talks to its audience.

Part of that is the written personality you present. Will it be jovial? Will it be clinical? Most of all – how accessible is it?

The language you use and the reading age you employ will truly determine how people focus on and consider your business.

Keep this consistent, and before long people will adapt to your marketing before you even ask them to.

Think of how many people now associate fragrance advertisements with wistful, fun, and eroticism, or luxury travel companies with excess. Often, it’s the brand personality, with much of that taking form in the written word.

Prime Your Content For SEO

It is also essential to prime your content for SEO depending on the industry you serve.

For example, with a beauty blog, you would market your SEO with keywords related to the beauty industry or new, trending products. When thinking about SEO advice for law firms, you would want to target your keywords towards the specific type of law you cover etc.

Really targeting the specific audience for you with SEO can make a profound difference in your search ranking listings!

Accessibility In All Things

No matter how niche your service or how luxury your output, it is important to offer that sense of accessibility in how you present yourself.

Never dismiss those who may be able to use your services simply because of a desire to keep things exclusive – as you never know where your best audience may lay.

This is often why companies will pay to have their website professionally translated, so that potential international markets can be accessed even if they weren’t the foremost target.

With this advice, you’re certain to see the kind of messaging your business really needs. Over time, this can change, but providing yourself some foundational grounding is key.

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels