I like to think of myself as an optimist.

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The main thing to remember – even when you might feel like your whole world is crushing down around you, is…You Are Still Alive!

Yep, that’s my main piece of advice here. Start small with your Positive Thinking! 

You might be thinking…”Oh, yeh that’s helpful!”, but it really is!
Give yourself the opportunity to experience all the best things about life and to enjoy every minute of it.
I’m not saying put on rose-coloured glasses or anything, I’m just saying focus on the GOOD things in life and deal with the bad things when they arise.
If something is going to happen, it will happen.
Don’t waste time worrying about it.

1. You are happy just being YOU!

When I was at Uni, I was taking part in all kinds of crazy activities (I won’t go into detail, but I’m sure you can imagine).
At the time, I would get easily stressed, so I leaned on unhealthy crutches to make me “feel better”.
I was obsessed with how I looked, so I wouldn’t eat properly (I didn’t realise at the time that I actually had a GREAT body!)
You get the point though.
I wasn’t happy about myself so I was abusing my own body without even realising it.
This is extremely common.
These days, although I would like to be slim and sexy, I’m quite happy being the bouncy-bellied mummy that my Squidge can poke when she sees my belly button hanging out of my top (don’t tell any cute guys I said that!
But. I can definitely be sexy when I want to be!
If you are happy and content with yourself and with your life, you won’t need anything to “make it better” or to lean on.
One way that I stay happier with my own body – even with it being a little chubby, is by making sure that I lose weight or keep my comfortable weight sensibly, by keeping a healthy diet.

2. It excites you for the future

You’re not being positive, you’re being unrealistic.
That’s what a few people might say about the term “positive thinking”.
Actually, it’s quite the opposite!
While the negative spend time worrying about things they cannot control, or may not be able to change until the exact moment of it happening, the positive are just enjoying the time right now and will cross the (possible) bridge of negativity when it comes to it.
I mean, honestly.
What possible benefit can there be of putting yourself through all that stress and worry for something that might not even happen?
Here’s an example: I was panicking about flying for the first time when Squidge and I first went on a plane in April 2018.
She is partially deaf, so I was worried that she would get pain from the pressure – and I also had a cold.
I exaggerated everything in my mind and read on (the dreaded) Google that your eardrums can pop from the pressure and bleed. Even cause deafness!
How foolish of me to believe all that rubbish!!
So what did I do?
I bought some ‘Earplane‘ earplugs and lots of food and drinks for us both for on the plane to relieve the pressure.
There are even Earplanes for kids!
I learned about what preventative measures I could take (like yawning, stretching my jaw, swallowing etc.) and started to think about how amazing it would be to soar above the clouds.
And, how excited I was to be taking my lil’ Squidge to such a magical place (Venice).
Needless to say, all my worries went away and we have both since been on 13 more planes this year.
Vienna was our next trip about a month after Venice!
After those two trips, we travelled to Mallorca (twice), Barcelona (with my mumsie), Greece and Prague.
That was 14 planes all together in just 2018 alone!

Positive thinking won!!


3. More motivation and more knowledge

If you are sitting around at home, worrying yourself into an early grave, STOP!
Get up and go for a walk, do something to take your mind off the negativity.
Negative people tend to have less motivation – after all, if you think nothing will work, or something will go wrong, why try in the first place?
If you think more positively and open-mindedly (is that even a word?) about things, you are more-likely to want to try them.
You might be thinking that your job is not going well…so take steps to kick-ass at work and show them what you are made of!
You are worried about your illness or a disease (such as Cardiomyopathy or even the flu), LEARN about it.
Take the steps to become more knowledgable.
And I don’t mean Google – stay the HELL away from Google if you are unwell!!
I mean to really learn about something.
Take my plane example above – I turned the reading about worrying things into the learning of positive things.


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You can't live a positive life with a negative mind

4. Your health is better and you are less stressed

Did you know that your immune system suffers as a result of your emotional state?
Researchers are finding growing evidence of the benefits of positive thinking.
The happier you are, the more healthy you are, and the more healthy you are, the longer you live.
One of the reasons why it affects your immune system is stress.
What causes stress?
That’s right, anxiety, negative thoughts and worrying!
If you have a good and healthy way of dealing with stress, you are more likely to avoid naughty things, like smoking or drinking, drugs or a bad diet.
Less stress also means you are more likely to be able to get a better sleep.

5. People like a positive person

Have you ever noticed that negative people might get less of your time or attention?
It’s not that you or them are a bad person or anything, its just that you don’t want to be dragged into a negative vibe.
If you go out with friends, do you prefer to be with the happy people or the people who are complaining non-stop?
Think about the first time you meet someone – a possible new friend, a co-worker, a good looking person you might fancy etc.
If you are negative, they will notice and won’t be drawn to you as much as if you are kind and friendly with positive vibes.

6. You see the best in people

If you are a negative person, you will notice the negative things about people and start picking at them.
This includes in your relationships – which is why you might argue so much over the fact that your partner leaves his dirty socks on the floor all the time.
…As bloody annoying as that is, is it really a reason to destroy a perfectly loving relationship?
Whereas, if you are more positive, you will begin to pick out the positives in people and ignore their faults and vices.
This makes for a happier life for you and them.
The way you think about life determines how you deal with life.
It directly affects your personal life, work, relationships and health.
Try these steps to being positive and see if it makes a difference to you.

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