If you are trying to launch your own thing online, you need an audience. Once you know who your target audience is, you need to know how to attract your target audience.

These are people who believe that they are in absolute need of your services, insights, knowledge and wisdom. 

But how do you actually go about convincing them that they need you (and can’t live without you)?

That is what I will show you in this post. Here are six effective business marketing techniques, which will help you attract your target audience.

Don’t Use Jargon

Using jargon and unnecessary words is a big barrier to communication.

You think you are doing the right thing by being precise in your language but, in many cases, you are not. Try to stick to using the type of words that your audience actually uses.

This way, they will feel more connected to you and your enterprise. 

Follow Their Reasoning

Make sure that you use the same time of reasoning as your audience does.

If they are an emotional crowd, use emotional cues. If they are a logical bunch, then use logic.

Do whatever you can to mirror their thought processes. Find out what it is that matters to them and then use this as a metric to compare the outcomes that they could get with you. 

For instance, suppose you are a finance coach and you charge £50 per hour. You need to provide evidence to your clients that you can generate them £100 or £200 in return for every hour they spend with you (at least)!

Generate Compelling Content

Marketing professionals, such as Make Honey, swear by compelling content.

It is absolutely essential for connecting with audiences and getting them to buy your services. 

Content needs to target your audience at every stage of the buying cycle. Leverage it to capture people just beginning to explore your business as well as those seeking to make a final sale. 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Counterarguments

Don’t ignore counterarguments.

Instead, find ways to include them in your marketing campaigns. If you can defuse objections to buying your services upfront, you will often find yourself entertaining more customers. 

Counter arguments are, in many ways, your friend. By addressing them, you show a level of fearlessness that your competitors simply do not have. 

Be Clear

As you go through life, people will sometimes give you books to read, exclaiming how they changed their experience of the world. But when you actually look through them, you discover that they’re pure gibberish. 

The same sometimes happens when companies try to communicate with customers. They don’t succinctly state what it is that they actually do, leading to confusion. 

Avoid these practises like the plague!

They won’t help your fledgling enterprise. Instead, be clear and direct in your language. Speak in plain English. If you need help doing that, use online tools that measure your prose for readability. 

Explain What Life Is Like Without Your Services

Lastly, explain to your audience what their life will be like, if they don’t buy your services.

Point out all of the things that they will have to do themselves, the risks that they will face, and the mistakes that they could potentially make along the way.

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attract your target audience

Be clear that it’s not always pretty trying to go it alone. You are here to help them on their journey.

Photo by wes lewis on Unsplash