With the beauty industry currently worth £2.166 billion in 2022, it is understandable why you would want to know how to grow your beauty blog.

The UK’s beauty industry is vibrant, competitive, and well-structured to meet growing demand. Due to this, you will find an endless list of interested people venturing into beauty blogging, hoping to make a mark there.

You can start a beauty blog, but it takes more creativity, timing, and smart work to see it grow.

This explains the overall purpose of this article, and hopefully, the tips below will be useful.


The highly competitive nature of the UK’s beauty industry makes it imperative to join hands with other beauty bloggers. It can be a sure way to reach the top quicker if done well.

Networking is a crucial part of any business venture!

It builds professional relationships, expands the clientele base, and opens up more opportunities than you would have if you didn’t network.

More importantly, networking creates the platform to learn innovative business strategies. As a beauty blogger who desires to grow your site, you cannot underestimate the tremendous benefits you stand to gain with networking.

Others have been in the business longer than you, so they already have years of experience. You can reach out to other beauty bloggers on social media platforms for effective networking.

After subscribing, you can leverage the professional contact and encourage them to support your blog. Be deliberate in engaging them. Your beauty blog will reach new audiences through effective networking.

Create shareable content

As a blogger, first of all, shareable content can quicken the growth rate of your site.

It drives traffic, is excellent for search engine optimisation, and boosts brand awareness. Shareable content includes articles, pictures, short videos, or infographics so good that people will love to distribute them further.

According to findings on the wholesome commerce website, 50% of all blogged content is shared only four times, and that, unfortunately, is not good enough.

The site further explained that the other 50% who generate excellent content receive at least 100 shares on social media. This means that the chances of a blogger benefitting from shareable content can swing either way on online portals.

However, you can increase your chances by ensuring that your content is relatable to the audience. As a beauty blogger, the more shareable content you have, the higher the chances of getting guest post requests, collaborations, advertisements, etc.

All these contribute to growing your beauty blog.

The disadvantage is the security threat associated with mass content sharing. If your website security is low, you may increase your risk of getting hacked and dealing with lots of malware.

Thankfully, there are reliable options you can utilise. Please click here to see how to resolve these crucial online security issues. 

Share product reviews of new releases in the beauty industry

Fortunately for you, the UK’s beauty industry is a vibrant one. Depending on the company, the vibrancy can be attributed to new product releases every month or every quarter.

A new product release from the beauty industry is a must-have for many fanatics. However, before purchasing the product, many prefer to read honest reviews about these releases.

Where else would they find these honest beauty reviews? From online portals, of course, and that includes beauty blogs! You’re in luck here because you have an opportunity to increase your brand awareness through this.

The secret here is to be quick about putting up your honest reviews. This is achievable by keeping an ear out for new releases as soon as they are on the market.

This strategy allows you to provide a pressing need within the target market.

Photo by annemariephotography on Pixels.