You’ve got this!

Most people go through a stage of wondering how to be healthy – like, really healthy at least once or twice in their lives.

Staying healthy involves a conscious effort, and sometimes a whole lot of willpower. After all, you don’t want small mistakes to create unnecessarily embarrassing (but surprisingly common) health problems either.

If you are looking for ideas about protecting your health, try taking on board these five easy tips that anyone can do.

Five easy steps to a healthier you…

Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight can lead to a range of different health conditions including stroke, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Maintaining a healthy weight can help you to prevent your health from degenerating. 

Create a healthy eating plan, allowing yourself to eat more indulgent foods in moderation, or as a treat. If you are looking to get more veggies in your diet there are lots of delicious recipes and tips on the Green Kitchen app.

Planning your meals can help you to get into a healthy routine and learn lots of tasty new dishes.

Boost your immune system

To protect your health it is a good idea to keep your immune system strong.

There are lots of ways to naturally boost your immune system. Firstly, eating the right foods is crucial, foods that boost immunity include fish, nuts, berries, and green vegetables.

You can even find some amazing health benefits found in these simple healthy garden weeds!

Look for immune-boosting recipes if you need a little inspiration. Another great way to boost your immune system is to ensure that you get enough sleep and exercise.

Besides this, drinking lots of water can help to flush unwanted toxins out of your system.

Here are some simple tips to detox your body in just two weeks!

Frequent health checks

Remember to book frequent health checks, you’ll need to regularly have your eyes tested, your hearing, and even visit your gynaecologist and other intimate health specialists.

You can easily book dentist online, to have your oral health checks.

Health checks like these can easily get forgotten about, many people tend not to contact their healthcare providers unless they notice an issue.

Your healthcare providers can support you by identifying any underlying problems and offering preventative measures.

Reduce stress

Stress is one of the worst things for your health!

Being stressed out can affect everything from your brain to your heart, your immune system, and your sleeping patterns.

To protect your health you will need to establish clear strategies to your stress levels.

Some of the most effective stress coping tactics include:

  • Writing positive affirmations
  • Practicing breathing exercises for relaxation
  • A good exercise regime
  • Talking it out with close friends
  • Using self-care apps
  • Aromatherapy or meditation sessions

Strengthen your core

If you want to protect your health it is a good idea to practice exercises that help you to strengthen your core. By staying supple and strong you will avoid pulling your muscles when completing daily activities.

It is particularly important to take care of the muscles in your lower back as you age.

Some of the best activities to strengthen your core include yoga and pilates. There are also plenty of simple weight training exercises that can help you to strengthen your core.

If running or jogging is your favourite choice of exercise, here are some very helpful core exercises for runners that you could check out!

Making simple adjustments to your lifestyle can make all the difference if you want to improve your health.

Once you have established your key areas of focus you might also like to put a few health goals in place.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash