Get Your Detox On!

“Detoxing” is a massive trend right now. Everybody is doing it. And it all comes from the generally correct perception that our environment is toxic. Find out the answers to “how to detox my body in just two weeks” right here!

We all know on a basic level that we shouldn’t be shovelling pizzas into our mouths and breathing in diesel fumes every day, so we want to feel like we’re doing something to stop the damaging effects. 

It turns out that the body has a natural detoxification system. It has to. That’s because our own cells create dangerous substances that we need to eliminate to protect ourselves from harm. 

Our bodies also have sophisticated mechanisms for dealing with harmful substances in the environment. We can deal with most of them, usually in as little as two weeks. 

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways you can purify your body and return to nature.

Eat Food “As It Comes Out Of The Ground”

Food manufacturers don’t want to harm you. And their products won’t poison you immediately after you eat them.

However, if you keep putting them in your body, eventually you’ll cause damage.

Refined ingredients, preservatives, flavour molecules, fats, oils and other nasties can all eventually corrupt your system. After a while, your body is fighting a losing battle. 

To avoid that, eat food as it comes out of the ground. Don’t eat junk or fast food except on very special occasions. 

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Eat Organic

Eating organic foods is another strategy you can use, particularly if you are susceptible to pesticides and insecticides.

Some crops, such as cannabis seeds, are rarely, if ever, sprayed. However, the vast majority are.

Always read the label. Try eating organic for a couple of weeks and see how you feel. You might notice an improvement. 

Eat Antioxidant-Rich Foods

Certain foods are better for you than others – much better.

Turmeric, for instance, has more than 20 times the antioxidant potential of blueberries, gram for gram.

Oregano, rosemary, thyme and cloves are other examples of high-potency foods that can help you function better. 

These herbs work by changing how cells behave. They put your body into housekeeping mode, encouraging it to sweep out all the junk.

Herbs are like miniature spring cleaners. Other good foods to eat include cocoa, green tea, nuts and green veggies. 

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Reduce Your Salt Consumption

The average person needs around half a gram of sodium per day – or about 1.5g of salt. Most people can tolerate up to around 4 grams of salt before any negative effects start to occur.

However, if you go above that threshold, you may find that you start to feel bloated because you’re holding onto excess water.

Try cutting back and you’ll notice that a lot of the bloating disappears naturally

Sleep More

It is hard for the body to detox successfully without sleep. Sleep actually allows the brain to “drain,” clearing it of toxic byproducts that built up during the day. 

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Poor sleep is implicated in a number of conditions, including stress, high blood pressure and heart disease.

This post will tell you how you can get a better sleep and help you to detox your body.

Photo by Angèle Kamp on Unsplash