The Internet has changed the way businesses operate. Finding a way to improve your online presence is harder than ever! Digital marketing is now arguably more important than standard or traditional marketing.

Most people regularly shop online using search engines to find what they are looking for. Many of these searches are also looking for local businesses.

This means that the Internet is just as important for online products as it is for services, so everyone can benefit from learning to improve your online presence.

So…how can you improve your business’s online presence to capitalise on these searches and benefit from more custom? Read on to find out.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

When a search engine such as Google searches the web and returns results, it does this using keywords.

If you want to enhance your discoverability, then consider what your customer will enter into google to find you. This is where knowing your customer (your target audience) really helps. Words and phrases are picked up and found via the search engine. So ensure that your pages are optimized with SEO in mind.

Take a look at this SEO Guide to help you.

Be Clear and Concise

First of all, have your company name, logo, contact details, and opening hours clearly displayed. Also, ensure any offers or reasons people may be visiting your page are displayed in a prominent position.

All this will ensure that you do not lose a prospective customer.

You also need to pay particular consideration to how you use language. There is no point in writing too much text; less is more certainly more in this scenario, even when it may make a page look bare.

No one wants to read through mountains of text to get the information they need. If you do this, you may well lose customers because of it. Think about what each page’s bullet points are.

Try not to labor any points and go off on a tangent; people do not care about your anecdotes.  

Social Media and your Target Audience

Having a social media presence really is a no-brainer in this world! Millions and millions of people use social media every day, and companies that use social media are benefiting greatly.

Most posts that a company creates point to its website. So, the first thing to do before embarking on social media is to make sure your website is up to scratch. Once you have a great site, you need to decide which platforms to focus on.

This is where knowing your customer comes into play.

If you know who your customer is, you will know if they are more likely to use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, for instance.

Social media is a great place to conduct market research, to discover which advertising material works best; due to the ability to use analytics, it is where you can embark on customer engagement.

It is a place to speak directly to customers in a fun way. Social media is a huge opportunity to rally and connect with your customers, and this can help you build better products and provide better services going forward.

The power of social media to improve people’s lives has only just begun.

So, use these tips to get started on improving your online presence now!

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