We all feel a bit stressed from time to time, and that can be healthy to keep you on the move. However, there are times when the stress becomes too much to handle and you begin finding yourself looking into how to reduce stress.

Even if you feel like you can keep going, untreated stress can lead to a series of consequences. You should never let your stress overwhelm you, and if you start to feel overwhelmed – you should take action ASAP. 

Stress can be caused by various different factors, whether it’s your work life being more busy than usual, your relationships being difficult to manage, or even a stressful event happening unexpectedly.

It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen tomorrow, so it is also hard to be prepared for what’s thrown at you unexpectedly. Identifying the cause of your stress can help to reduce what you’re feeling as a result of it.

Once you know what your stress factors are, you can begin to take steps to reduce stress.

Get comfortable saying no

If you’re feeling stressed because there are too many expectations of you, or that you never have time to spend on your own interests – it’s time to start saying no.

There are many people who have a hard time turning others down because it’s not a comfortable feeling. Telling someone no may feel like you’re putting negativity onto someone’s proposition – but it’s better to do that than let them cause you unwanted stress.

Is your boss asking you to work for longer or harder than you’re able to? Find a way out of it.

Friends or family asking a little too much of your time and energy? Tell them no this time.

You shouldn’t be expected to give up your own personal time for anyone else, and that would cause anyone stresses after some time.

You don’t have to put yourself first every time, but give yourself enough time to be comfortable at least.

Look into relaxing activities

If you’re not really a person with hobbies, then it can be hard to wind down when you have some free time.

Sometimes watching TV or just hanging out isn’t enough to get you calmed, and you need something that engages your brain to pull you away from your troubles.

Partaking in hobbies that take your mind somewhere else can help you to reduce that stress that’s building up so much, and give you a little breathing room.

It’s important that the activities you partake in aren’t going to have more negatives than positives. For example, there are many who turn to smoke as a way to take the edge off of their stress, but vaping would be a much healthier alternative.

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Some prefer to take up a sport because it lets you blow off some steam and give yourself something new to focus on rather than your worries.

Physical exercise is as important for your mental health as your physical health, so you should always make sure you’re getting enough of it on a weekly or daily basis.