Starting a business at any time is difficult, but starting a business in 2022 and then knowing how to help your business grow and thrive at such a difficult economic time can often be a tricky one to figure out for many small business owners.

Businesses have sprouted up all over the place, and following the epidemic, we observed an increase in the number of small businesses as individuals sought more control over their lives and money.

As time passes and things gradually return to normal, several businesses have struggled to maintain the growth that they saw during the pandemic.

Businesses are now being forced to almost perform a U-turn in their business practices and reassess what they have to offer.

People have begun going to restaurants again and are out and about more rather than staying at home and ordering a lot of items, so things like delivery boxes and subscriptions have decreased in demand.

Get Your Business Talked About

Word of mouth and recommendations are a perfect and fast track way to help your business grow. People trust reviews of people they are close to or that they look up to.

Utilising bloggers and influencers will be very beneficial to your business. They give real-life reviews on their platforms which their audience will see and engage with, you can even intrigue them more by offering the influencers a discount code to share with their audience.

This also then allows you to track how much business came from them. If you find one of them really benefited you then you can look to work with them again.

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You also look at trying to get mentioned in the media and newspapers, traditional media is still very useful but can be confusing on how to get noticed.

If you look to get expert help by using companies such as Harvey and Hugo PR Services they will be able to use their expertise to get you noticed and talked about by the right people and start showing up in magazines and newspapers. 

Utilise Your Website

Nearly every business has a website but they all differ in quality and how useful they are.

You can look to monetise your website in different ways by introducing ads, having exclusive content for members who pay a monthly fee and so many other different ways.

Your website can also help show people what you can do by showing some work that you have done, you can also make it stand out more by having reviews and testimonials from your clients and customers.

Another great aspect to incorporate into your website is by having a blog on there. Blogs help draw in traffic, if you have top quality SEO articles you will come up more in search engines and see an increased amount of visitors to your site.

If you find that you will struggle to get content up regularly you can outsource this to other bloggers who can guest write for you or on a regular freelance basis write and create engaging articles you can post on your site. 

Growing a business is hard but rewarding, it is worth it in the end and gives you flexibility and freedom you would have only dreamed of in your 9 to 5 role.

So keep growing and keep the passion for your business alive!

Photo by Ken Tomita from Pexels