Cardiac Rehab (short for Rehabilitation) is a programme dedicated specifically to people with a heart condition, that has, or will affect their daily lives.
My Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) and Heart Failure has – and will always affect my daily life.
However, I do NOT let this bother me or hinder my progression in life. 
I practice positive thinking and make keep myself living for today.
If you are living with a chronic illness, such as Heart Failure, check out this post for my top tips on how to live your best life.
Sometimes a lot.
Sometimes not at all.
I was not even allowed to go swimming when I was first diagnosed with DCM!
My girlfriends had one of our “Girl’s Days Out” at the Montcalm Hotel and Spa and I couldn’t go!
I’m not allowed to use a steam room, I wasn’t allowed to go swimming, and due to back issues at the time being so bad, I couldn’t even go for a massage!!
So…I clearly had to complete this programme before I was allowed to spread my wings and fly solo (so to speak).

What Comes After Cardiac Rehab?

Cardiac Rehab - Countdown to Freedom!
Just over a month ago, I was given the all-clear from my person trainer on the programme.
That’s right, baby…I was given a personal trainer.
I had to get my doctor to sign me off too, just to say that I was actually allowed to join a gym etc.
After getting the form signed by the doctor, I started attending Pilates and Tai Chi courses.
To keep track of my heart rate, calories, oxygen rate etc., I ALWAYS wear my FitBit Charge 2.
If you have read some of my other related posts, you probably already know how much I love my FitBit! 
The best thing about Cardiac Rehab, (other than the fact that it is free and I get my own personal trainer), is that I also get a personalised training programme (see below).
This programme developed over the course of the Cardiac Rehab sessions to get more difficult as my exercise tolerance and stamina improved.

My personalised exercise programme includes…

Warm-up: Treadmill, 15mins
Treadmill again: Interval training at bursts of 1&2mins for 10mins altogether
Leg Press: 2x15reps
Cross-Trainer: 10mins
Leg Extension: 2 x15reps
Bike: 10mins
Bicep Curls: 2x15reps
Cool-down: Treadmill, 10mins
Stretches: About 10mins worth of whole-body stretches (See HERE for stretching tips)


Don’t push yourself too hard!
The idea is that the workout is mainly at a moderate stage, so you get your sweat on.
However, it is also set so that you are able to hold a conversation at the same time as doing the exercise (albeit with some panting).
Always be mindful of your “normal tolerance”.
If you begin to get any chest pains, make sure you stop and take a breather. You might find it helpful to also check your blood pressure.
My entire exercise routine works for everyone – regardless of your ability (unless you need to use a chair), and is a great 1-1.5 hour Cardiac gym workout.
Just make sure that you adjust the levels or weights etc. to suit your ability.
I can’t wait to start this on my own at my local gym!
If you give this routine a go (at your own pace and ability level), please let me know how you found it – I would love to hear from you!


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