When you are pregnant for the first time, you will likely be creating a birth plan. You will be hit with a range of emotions that may take you by surprise.

Although it is scary to talk about, many people don’t consider the risks that come with giving birth.

No new mother wants to think about the bad things that could happen, or why there are birth injury solicitors. No newly-labouring woman wants to think about what happens when labour fails to progress, or if they tear down there.

So, women largely tell themselves about the sunshine and rainbows so that they can keep it positive and progressing well.

However, it is important to create a birth plan from an informed place, so you are as prepared as possible.

You are about to give birth, so what do you need to know the most?

Create a “preference list” in your birth plan

So many people out there will tell you the horrors of forceps or the dangers of a c-section, but what matters the most is having a birth that results in both of you alive, healthy and with as little trauma as possible.

You can opt for a c-section birth or you can go your own way with unmedicated labour (as I did). Birth itself is entirely unpredictable so there’s only so much that you can do to ensure it’s perfect.

Make a birth preference list. You can have all of the “wants” in the world, but you still need to be prepared for things to go another way. I had always said that I wanted a water birth, but while the water was running, kiddo decided to push her way into this world and change those plans. It all happened very quickly!

Creating a preference list in your birth plan is an ideal way to really understand what you want for your birth and have someone to advocate for you on your behalf.

As long as you are happy with your choices and you feel confident in the moment, you are going to feel good about giving birth.

Know your options

Speak to your doctor, a midwife and a doula to understand what the options are for your support during birth.

This is everything from medications to where you can give birth. Some women like to be on a birthing suite with ropes to grip. Others like to give birth in a warm pool (like I had originally planned!).

You have plenty of options to make this experience as comfortable as possible, so get to know them early.

Educate yourself

This is the key tip.

With the right education, you can ensure that you are making good decisions in regard to birth and labouring.

You need to know everything that could happen during birth and what all of the stages are. This will enable you to feel as confident as possible.

Photo by Marian Sol Miranda on Pexels.