As we all know these are uncertain times, so it is more important than ever to be able to emotionally support those around you.

The financial platform and economy are shaky, people are uncertain of employment, and hearing that your loved one needs to for major surgery, can just be the last tip of the iceberg.

Knowing how to support, encourage and standby your loved ones through these times is crucial.  This post will assist you and support you with the information needed to make it through these times and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

1) Show that you care

You may think that this is unnecessary to talk about, but that can’t be further from the truth.  You need to be actively involved so that they will know that what you say is what you mean by your actions reflecting it.

When thinking about your partner, doing chores, cooking dinner, getting the kids from school, or just sitting with them may all be included in this process.

For friends, just sitting by a pool and having a conversation about their day may assist in getting rid of some of their stress and perhaps some anxiousness.

2) Be understanding

This may be the hardest part of all: giving your loved one space to deal with certain issues or emotional thoughts and allowing them to process things at their speed. 

Being non judgemental is very important! This will give them security, and it will also bring forth mutual respect. You may consider talking to any children involved and explaining to them that sometimes grown ups may just need some time out to feel better.

3) Encourage positive thinking

Going through major surgery, for example, and hearing that your loved one needs to lose some weight before going in will need not only professional assistance or perhaps even options like a fun “slim and save alternative“, but will definitely need positive thinking too!

Taking the time and having a picnic in the garden, simply allowing children to play and laugh, can bring forth positive rays and for a moment and allow everyone to forget the stress.

Positive thoughts and a positive mind will have you halfway through the race to the finish line.

4) Be supportive and listen

Sometimes having someone to just listen to will bring immense comfort to those that are going through a tough time.

Simply taking the time to listen and be there for them is the most powerful tool you can provide.  You don’t need to be giving life changing advice or have special words of wisdom.

Just being there in their time of need and listening with an open heart could make all the difference in their journey.

These are just some pointers on how you can emotionally support those around you whom you love dearly during uncertain times.

Remember that it is ok not to know what to do or say at first, but just being present and available will show your loved ones that they are not alone.

Allowing yourself to learn more about the situation and being there for them will give them the strength to get through these tough times.

Photo by Rebrand Cities on Pexels