Whether you experience that mid-afternoon slump, or you feel like you are constantly fatigued, it can be extremely draining to go through life that way. Most people will reach straight to their cup of coffee or sugar-filled snacks as a result.

While this can be effective in the middle of a slump, it is not a long-term fix as you will quickly find yourself crashing again.

What you need is to find healthy alternatives that will give you a long-lasting boost of energy, and help you avoid fatigue and mid-afternoon slumps.

Here are some top tips to help you boost your energy…

#1 Start your day right 

The way you start your day will have a huge difference in how you feel, and how much energy you have for the rest of the day.

If you start your day off on a negative note, snoozing your alarms, or mindlessly scrolling social media, then you are constantly going to drain your energy.

There are much more effective ways to start your day, that will provide you with energy and get you off to a better start.

Where possible, you should start your day by drinking a big glass of water, opening your windows to let in the fresh air and the sunlight, and going for a walk or doing some exercise. This will get oxygen-rich blood surging through your body and set you up for the day. 

#2 Eat to fuel your body 

Food plays an important role in how you feel throughout the day.

You should always start your day by consuming breakfast with high protein and high fibre foods, such as oatmeal and nuts. This will keep you fuller for longer and give you a great energy boost throughout the day.

This is a much better way to start your day, than with sweets, pastry, or no breakfast at all.

You should also eat regular meals throughout the day and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. 

#3 Do more of the things you enjoy 

Although you might not feel like it at the time, having fun is extremely beneficial for you. If you can get yourself out of your comfort zone regularly, you will be able to flush your body with more feel-good hormones.

Whether this is spending more time with friends or getting stuck into a hobby, this will provide you with energy instantly, as well as overall.

It will also help you improve your cognition, productivity and immune system. 

#4 Find time to relax

This might sound counterintuitive, but finding time each day to relax can work wonders for your energy levels.

Sometimes your low energy levels can be caused by stress and overwhelm. When you have too much going on in your mind and your life, you will find that you are fatigued, unable to concentrate and lack motivation.

If you can calm your mind and clear your head with relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation or tai chi from taichiforhealthinstitute.org you’ll find you have a lot more energy to get you through the day.  

You shouldn’t have to rely on a short-lived coffee boost for some energy. Follow these top tips to give yourself more energy all the time. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels