Everyone wants to stand out at events!

When you are running an event alongside lots of other businesses in the same industry as yours, you’ve obviously got a lot of rivals competing for customer attention.

It can be tough to find a way to attract people and capture their attention amongst so many noises and flashing lights distracting people.

But with the right strategy, you can get people to pay attention to your brand.

I’m going to talk today about how that’s done, so keep reading to learn more.

Make Everything Interactive

It’s a good idea to make your booth interactive in some way as this gives your customers a reason to come over and take an interest in what you’re showing off.

To put in the simplest possible terms, it’s much easier to hold a person’s attention when they’re doing something hands-on than when they’re just standing there listening to a sales pitch.

Invest in Good Signs

Good signs can make all the difference when your business is trying to draw people in and grab attention. It might sound like something very simple and very obvious, but it really does make a difference and you should try not to overlook it.

Good signs can really make a difference and dictate whether you’re able to bring people in or whether they walk straight past.

Ensure Your Team Members Are Confident and Prepared

It’s definitely a good idea to make sure that the members of your team are confident and have a good idea of what they’re going to do on the day of the event.

Here are some tips to avoid stress when running a business.

Charismatic and confident staff members at your booth will make it much easier to draw people in and keep them interested in what your business has to say. So help your team get prepared in advance.

Use Video Projection in Creative Ways

If you want to push the boat out and really stand out from the crowd at an event, it makes sense to use video projection of some kind.

With the help of something like creative video projection mapping, you can create a spectacle that people won’t want to just walk past.

When you get creative and take risks, more people will be interested in what you’re up to.

Give Something Away

Finally, you could always turn to the old trick of giving something away and making people take an interest in what you’re doing that way.

It’s one of the easiest ways to get people interested in your booth because who doesn’t like to get something for nothing?

Just make sure you give you high-quality merchandise that people will want to use or wear.


Trade shows and other industry events are tricky and you’ll only succeed in appealing to people and holding their attention if you plan ahead.

So make the most of the ideas above and put a plan in place for your next industry event in order to ensure you’re able to capture and retain your customers’ attention for as long as possible.


Photo by Purplegillian on Pixabay.