Learning how to stand out in a job interview is essential, but it doesn’t require that you become superhuman.

After such a prolonged and disruptive pandemic, as well as recent job losses felt globally, it’s true to say that while there are many open positions, competition is certainly still something to concern yourself with.

What matters is once again becoming comfortable in the interview room, and using it as a space to determine if the role is right for you, not just if you’re right for the role.

This can help you gather that sense of confidence and determination that comes with knowing your forward direction in life, and being able to pivot if an opportunity doesn’t quite pan out.

But how can you easily and instantly stand out in a job interview?

Is it possible to do this without bravado? Moreover, what preparation can go into securing such an ideal outcome?

In this post, I’ll discuss a few essential tips for achieving exactly that. Let’s get started!

Do Your Preparation

Of course, the more you know about the position and business you’re applying for, the better.

Understanding where they’re at as a business can help you ask what their vision is for the future given changes in their recent decision-making or the replacement of a key executive position.

This way, when they ask you if you have any questions, you’ll be able to respond with something that denotes genuine curiosity instead of assuming you’re totally in-the-know about all business affairs.

It not only humanises you as an applicant but also helps you build a bond with the interviewer.

Presentation Skills Matter

Excellent presentation skills can help you stand up straight and deliver excellent, coherent communication which makes use of brevity but still gets the point across. Training courses, such as those from places like STL and Life Coaches can help you if you really struggle with things like this.

Presentation skills will shine through in your interview, but they also serve as a nice addition to any resume.

Companies love employees capable of serving as a public ambassador for their operations, be that speaking at a local convention or acquiring clients with a proactive and willing approach.

Even if you’re starting off in a humble position, this is sure to help you raise the ranks.

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Remote Interview Techniques

Remote interview techniques are more necessary than ever, as Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings are becoming more and more commonplace.

If not the only way to interview for a position, many more companies are using it as a preliminary way in which to find out who to invite for the next stage.

So, making sure that you’re equipped for this is a great idea!

Investing in a good webcam and USB microphone can make a major difference. Making sure the angle of your camera provides a shot which is well-lit, and shows an organised room behind you is key.

You obviously don’t have to wear “fancy” trousers, but a top-half suit can make a tremendous difference.


With this advice, you’re certain to stand out no matter the job interview you take.

Photo by fauxels from Pexels