Are you or someone you know going through a breakup? Don’t worry, I have some tips for how to deal with a breakup with class!

I know though, breakups hurt!

No matter however many movies portray us ladies getting over our guy or girl, those circumstances are rarely realistic or show appropriate coping mechanisms. Terminating a relationship can leave us shattered and self-conscious.

So, chin up!

The five steps below will help you look forward to the new person ready to face the world.

Allow Yourself To Feel 

Sob away, girl!

We are often told that crying is a sign of weakness and that there is no cause to cry over a former partner, yet this is untrue. Your emotions are valid and you should allow yourself to weep them all out, and afterwards cry again.

Get upset if you want. Frustration can be relieved via boxing. Let out your emotions. Then you can heal.

If you don’t want to confront them alone, notify a friend or family member. Having someone to cry on gets everything simpler.

If you have children you may feel as though you have to hold it together, however, it is good for your children to see you feeling the sadness from a relationship break down. Just make sure not to pull them into the sadness too – you still have to be a rock for them.

Keep Memories Safe

There’s no point in moving on if you’re stuck in the past. Stop repeating such experiences in your thoughts and move on.

Make a letter, a scrapbook, or talk openly to someone to wave farewell to that part of your life.

Simple realism is required, as is remembering both the good and the unpleasant.


Making yourself happy and healthy is the first step. Drink plenty of water and eat regularly and healthily (after the initial ice cream binge).

Start your day with an energising ritual.

Then, after regaining control of your life, you should treat yourself like your ex did. Purchase flowers or go out to supper. Pamper yourself with a spa day at home with calming bath bombs.

Simply said, take care of yourself.

It can be anything from contacting family law solicitors to joining a new exercise group. 


We often feel foolish, worthless, ugly, and incapable after a breakup. Practicing self-affirmation and trying to stay positive is a great approach to start.

Preserve five minutes each morning to praise yourself and express your appreciation for yourself.

To be honest, you may be sceptical at first. To believe each one of those is a journey. You’re off to a great start!

Return To The Game

You should only date when you are ready. It’s not always simple to accept that others care about you. Then you can see who is interested without feeling obligated to respond.

In case things grow overwhelming, it’s best to just go out with a bunch of your friends right now.

Remember that one failed relationship or marriage doesn’t imply you will never find love, that you are a failure, or that you should feel horrible about yourself.

You must hold your head up, focus on yourself, and make your life the finest journey imaginable, regardless of who is with you!

Photo by Yuvraj Singh on Unsplash