You don’t have to feel awkward

When you’re raising children, awkward conversations are going to be a fact of life. That said though, the worry about how to handle awkward conversations with your child is always there for many parents.

While many people would prefer to avoid them, you can only put them off for so long. These can cover a broad range of subjects, depending on how old your child is.

It could be the importance of wearing cotton pads with your daughter, or giving your son the sex talk. As needed as these conversations might be, they’re not easy to get through.

You can minimise this by keeping a few things in mind.

Once you know how to have an awkward conversation with your child, you should get through it much easier than you’d think.

Meet Them Where They Are Developmentally

How you speak about a particular subject will be dictated by your child’s age. Make sure to keep this in mind when you’re talking to them.

There could be multiple things that your son or daughter doesn’t need to know, at least until they’re older.

You might want to refrain from telling them these details. If they ask, you can explain that that’s not something they shouldn’t need to know for a while. It’s also best not to push too hard about certain subjects.

Sometimes, your child might not be emotionally ready for certain conversations. Make sure to keep that in mind.

Welcome All Of Their Questions

Your child may have multiple questions about what you’re talking about. While these will vary depending on the topic of discussion, you should be prepared to address these.

Putting some research into the topic could help you figure out what your child might ask. Being armed with answers to potential questions will make things much more smoothly.

Sometimes, your child’s questions might be relatively unbelievable or something that you wouldn’t expect. Limit your emotional responses when these are asked.

Responding in a way that they believe is negative will put a stop to your conversation. Keep calm and answer their questions as best you can.

Be An Active Listener

When you’re having an awkward conversation, it can be tempting to get through it as quickly as possible. That could lead you to speed through what you’re saying while ignoring what your child says.

You should avoid rushing important conversations with your child.

Alongside answering your child’s questions, you should pay particular attention to what they’re saying.

If they’re talking, listen, regardless of whether they’re asking a question. When you’re doing so, make sure that they know you’re listening.

At the same time, you should validate their feelings while responding appropriately.

Wrapping Up

Many parents stay up late at night figuring out how to have an awkward conversation with their child. There’s never an easy way of going about this.

Alongside making sure that your son or daughter is comfortable, you should make sure not to force the issue.

Keeping each of the above in mind will help with that. You’ll still need to put effort into these factors, however.

While you’ll never get rid of the awkwardness completely, you can minimise it by using each of the above tips and tricks.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels