Meee In A Family Minute

The ‘Meee In A Family Minute’ book features 60 very simple ways in which you can improve your family life in only 60 seconds.

No, really – it does!

At the beginning of the book, the author Sid Madge mentions Jim Carrey’s commencement speech. He wrote about how Carrey said, “life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you… Just letting each other know we’re here, reminding each other that we are a part of a larger self.”

To Sid, the ‘larger self’ meant family and humanity.

I checked this speech out just to see the what it was about…and ended up watching the whole thing!

I was sent this book to read and write an honest review. Here is what I thought about the book (spoiler, I loved it!)…

First Impressions

Let’s be honest…

When I first read the title – 60 ways to improve your family life in 60 seconds, I wasn’t very optimistic about the contents.

I am a teacher, single mum, and someone who feels like my family doesn’t really need improving. I know, I’m a bit big-headed!

So, I did not think this book would help me very much.

However, I was interested to give it a go and see what the author, Sid Madge, had to say. Would this little book really be able to improve my family life in only 60 seconds?

I was pleasantly surprised!

I have found myself pulling this handy little book out of my bag for a read everywhere! On the train, on the loo (TMI, sorry!), in bed, while cooking dinner etc.

Gorillas and the Art of Focus

The thing I think I love the most about this book, is not that it just offers helpful tips. My favourite thing is that it reminds me of things I may have lost sight of.

One of my absolute favourite tips is “Gorillas and the Art of Focus”.

This tip is all about who, what and where we place our attentions on.

In this section, Sid Madge explains to us a scenario that was placed to students as part of an experiment, in which students watched a recording of a basketball game and had to count the passes made by one team. During the game, a gorilla came onto the court for nine seconds – in clear view of the camera. Surprisingly, only half the students actually saw the gorilla!

Sid says,

We see what we focus on and that vantage point influences our lives.

This section reminded me that I sometimes focus on unnecessary negative things. Like the fact that my child has left her toys out again at bedtime again.

However, the book helped me to think about the positives again.

Yes, my child left her toys out again, BUT she helped me to put the washing up away.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course, I recognise her efforts and praise her for her helping me! Unfortunately though, I also go back into the front room after she is asleep and get frustrated that I have to spend 10 minutes putting her toys away.

Rather than getting frustrated, I now put her toys away with a smile on my face. I remind myself that my child is a helpful and happy child. That means more to me than anything. She is happy. 

This one tip alone has made a huge difference to my own happiness – and therefore, that of my daughter.

I focus on the positives again! Every single tip in this book has helped me to remember what is really important.

Imagine how the other 59 tips could help!


This book does not just give you tips on how to improve your family life.

It provides options, descriptions, a deeper understanding and suggestions for how you might be able to enact the tips in reality.

At the end of the book there is a lovely little section with testimonials from people who not only read Sid’s first Meee in a Minute book, but also from those who have attended his talks, courses, workshops, education programme, enterprise programme and employment programme!

Sid Madge is not just another author trying to sell empty tips to readers. He really does know his stuff!

Here is a press release about some of the amazing work Sid Madge and Meee have done with college students during the Covid Pandemic.

Sid launched the Meee Programme (an initiative to help people understand and believe in themselves (I LOVE this!) in 2015. His books and personal expertise has since helped thousands of people change their lives.

Give the ‘Meee in a Family Minute’ book a read for yourself and let us know if it helps you to improve your family life.

Grab your copy here!

This book review was part of a gifted collaboration with Sid Madge, author of the ‘Meee in a Minute’ book collection. All thoughts are of my own honest opinion.


Overall, I was very pleased with how effective the ‘Meee In A Family Minute’ book was.

It reminded me of everything I have been doing right, as well as all the things I have been doing wrong.

I have learned lots of new and simple ways to improve my family life. Not only with my daughter and I, but also with her father, my immediate family – and my friends.

The simplicity of the wording and the clarity in the points Sid makes, means that this book is a great resource for anyone who wants a happy family.

And, who doesn’t want that?