Get the Perfect Disney Princess Bedroom for your Little Princess

We all want our children to have the perfect bedroom. However, when our little princess wants a Disney princess bedroom decor, we are left thinking, “how the heck do I do this without spending HOURS searching on different websites for each item?”

Well…not to worry – I have put together a full list of the best ideas for a Disney princess bedroom decor that you can think of! 🙂

No need to be searching everywhere, here is everything you need in one simple list. Yay!

Just click on the picture of the products you like to go straight to the shop to browse.

Which Bed?

princess bed basic


This princess bed is a favourite for those who want their little princess to be happy, but who don’t want to go overboard!

The perfect size for toddlers and growing children from 18 months to 5 years, this bed features a headboard, footboard and side panels to keep your little one safe and snug.

Check out this article if you’re not sure whether your little one is ready to transition to a toddler bed just yet.

Two super cute fabric storage drawers under the bed help to keep her princess bedroom clutter-free.

princess bed 4 poster


Not only will you give your child the princess bed she always wanted, but she will have a magical canopy floating above her with magical twinkling lights.

The princess carriage wheels are made from strong wood and the bed features protective side panels to prevent tumbles and falls.

This premium princess 4 poster canopy bed also features a super handy shelf for your little one to keep her bedtime reading books and little teddies.

princess bed canopy


Maybe you just want to get the normal princess bed at a more affordable price, but which will still make your little princess happy?

I completely understand – that’s what I did!

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat her later on…

This insect and dust blocking canopy comes with one single screw so you can move it from room to room, without needing to make a gazillion holes everywhere! You can wait until your little one is a bit older and add it to her bed then.


Bedding and Blankets

princess bedding


I was gifted this duvet set from Nistlen and was very pleasantly surprised when it arrived!

My little lady LOVES it and now wants me to tell her a story about her being a princess every night before bed (lol, bless her).

This bedding set also suits the above princess bed ideas perfectly and the primary colours mean that it will fit in with most colour schemes you might choose for your princess bedroom decor.

princess bedding set 2


Again, this colourful set will suit most princess bedroom decor ideas and colour schemes.

The difference with this set is that it comes with the quilt, a flat top sheet, a bottom sheet and a standard pillowcase!

Made from 100% cotton and machine washable, either of these two bedding sets will match your kiddo’s princess bedroom decor perfectly.

…why not just get both? That’s what I did!

disney princess blanket


Made from 100% super soft polyester fibre, this blanket was made for your princess bedroom decor!

With 3D digital printing, hypoallergenic material and being machine washable, I am actually going to get this for my little lady very soon.

Use it as a cover when your little princess is too warm, or as a cute little cuddle throw while you snuggle up and watch her fave disney princess movies together.


Curtains and Mats

star curtains pink


These lovely thermal insulated, wrinkle-free blackout curtains will bring a different dreamy element to your little ones bedroom.

Rather than filling up the walls with busy colours and patterns, give your little princess a calmer bedtime experience.

Relax her with these beautiful pink star curtains and watch her drift off to a happy and calm sleep.

princess elegant pink curtains


Want to add a  more “grown-up” and elegant touch to your older child’s princess bedroom?

These embroidered curtains are available in a range of colours. Pink is my favourite when thinking of a princess bedroom decor.

There is also currently a deal at buy 1 and get another for 20% off! Not bad!


princess rug


You probably already have the pink or cream princess colour mat for your princess bedroom decor.

But…have you thought about adding a mat for your little princess to play on?

This anti-slip and machine washable mat matches all the items in this list and is quite large, measuring at 60x91cm.


princess rug lighter


This mat measures at the same size as the above princess mat and is from the same manufacturer.

The only difference is that has a brighter colouring and has more Disney princesses on it.

…This is probably my favourite mat!




Disney storage princess


Sort your little ones toys in no time with this colourful Disney princess storage unit.

This unit features 6 removable fabric (but sturdy) open drawers and a wooden frame for keeping the unit upright.

Each drawer has a different Disney princesses face on it and the inside of the drawers is lined with a lovely pink fabric.


princess storage bench


Made from high-quality wood and painted in beautiful shades of pink, this storage box doubles as a comfy bench.

The storage bench also comes with a safety hinge on the lid. No worries about your little one getting her fingers caught.

This bench comes up quite small though, so check the measurements before you buy:

  • Dimensions: 60 x 26 x 54 cm



princess dressing up rail


No princess bedroom is complete without a princes dressing up rail!

I really wanted to find the one I bought for my little lady a few years ago, but alas…I can’t find it anywhere online and as I got it from a boutique store (whose name I cannot remember!), it has been difficult to find online.

So…I searched for a dressing up rail that would match the rest of my princess bedroom decor list as perfectly as possible!

This dressing up rail by Robert Dyas has two storage boxes at the bottom and even has an awesome mirror on the side for your little lady to model her beautiful princess dresses in.

love. Love. LOVE!



Wallpaper and Wall Stickers

Disney princess wall stickers


Give your princesses bedroom decor a touch of sparkle and shine with these glittery wall stickers.

Made from high-quality thin and flexible vinyl. Waterproof and wipe clean.

They are quick and easy to apply (peel and stick) and are removable, re-positionable and reusable (without leaving marks or residue).


princess wallpaper


There are sooooo many different wallpapers to choose from! This is one of my faves!

However, just to help you out a bit more, click here to have access to all the best Disney princess wallpapers that I could find…  



princess personalised wall art


Although generic picture wall stickers are lovely for a princess bedroom decor, a personalised touch always adds a little something extra.

This gorgeous sticker can have your little princesses name created for it, so her room really is her own princess palace bedroom!




Tie it all together with…

Disney princess lamp


Add a perfect extra touch to your little princess bedroom decor, with this Disney princess lamp.

Read together and watch your little lady drift off, with the soft and even lighting provided by the colourful lampshade.

Features an easy on/off switch, so no need to fiddle with the mains sockets!


light switch sticker


This quirky light switch sticker fits around most standard UK light switches.

Easy to peel, stick and remove and adds a cute little touch to finish your bedroom styling.



princess wall plaque


Hang this cute 10cm x 10cm princess plaque on the wall or door.

Make it clear who the princess is before anyone even enters the bedroom.

Your little princess will love the ownership that comes with this plaque.



princess vanity table


Let your little princess play dress up with not only her own dressing up rail, but also her own vanity table.

This gorgeous little vanity table comes with the mirror, table, stool, hair dryer, drawer, plastic scissors, hair brush, bracelets, hair tie and more.



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