Do you routinely find yourself running from one task to the next?

If your answer is yes, you could benefit from increasing your productivity.

Being more productive means getting more done in a shorter amount of time, without any reduction in the quality of your outputs.

Start by getting yourself a great nights sleep by following these healthy sleep tips!

If you want to safeguard your priorities and spend more time doing the things you love, take a look at these top tips.

Hack your life NOW for greater productivity!

Learn to focus

Multitasking can seem like a great way to get a lot of things done. Sounds good right?

Unfortunately, more often than not it just leads to unfinished projects, confusion and errors.

When you are attempting to do numerous things at once, you are unable to devote your attention to one single task.

Inevitably, your accuracy will dip at some point and the value of your output will be diminished.

However, when you are able to focus on one thing at a time, you can complete the task more quickly and to a higher standard.

By getting it right the first time, you’ll even save yourself time and hassle by avoiding do-overs and repeats. 


Automate routine tasks

We all spend a significant amount of time repeating the same tasks over and over again.

Whether it is ordering groceries online or paying your utility bills, these simple tasks account for a significant proportion of your time.

By automating them, you can free up your time and negate the risk of forgetting something important. 

It is much easier than you think to automate your life, so find the tools that work for you and put them to good use.

Sites such as are great for preparing document templates that can be used again and again, while major companies offer repeat ordering and automated despatches for products you use frequently.

Things like protecting your business website and making sure it is backed up are understandably a priority. However no single person can handle this by themselves.

Outsourcing from businesses like Securelogic, (an IT Service Provider) means you can concentrate on other important tasks without worrying your customers’ information is being stolen.

By using technology to help your life run more smoothly, you can take your foot off the accelerator and begin to enjoy the journey a little more. 

mobile phone notifications

Switch off notifications

The vast majority of people own a smartphone or tablet, which means we’re constantly connected to the internet.

With messages, alerts and notifications constantly coming in, it is easy to see why so many people struggle to keep their productivity levels up.

Even when you only stop to respond to urgent incoming queries, this disruption puts you off your stride.

It prevents you from completing the task you were previously focused on. 

Furthermore, just glancing at your phone when it beeps ruins your train of thought and could affect the quality of your work.

To prevent this from happening, simply turn your notifications off and only check your phone at set intervals.

If you are concerned that you might miss a genuinely urgent call or email, you can modify your settings. This way, you will only be alerted when selected people attempt to contact you. 


Become More Productive Today

Most people want to increase their productivity levels but few of us actually know how to do it.

In fact, becoming more productive is much easier than you think.

With these starter tips, you can break old habits and take the first step to becoming more productive today.

Images: fancycrave1 and William Iven from Pixabay