We all know the feeling of everything balancing on a knife’s edge. As parents, we can spend so long trying to raise these quizzical and perfect little creatures that we can bring ourselves to the edge of insanity and back without figuring out how to be a happy parent ourselves.

As our children grow up we often end up tackling components of their lives, such as issues surrounding mental illness, financial responsibilities and the many, many, conflicts they may encounter.

Realistically though, we have to solve the conflict within ourselves before we do any of this. Organisation can appear to be the structure that we hang everything upon.

…But why is this really so important?

Do you always feel like there is (literally) no time?

Do you feel like there is never any time to do anything?

You have numerous doctors appointments to attend whilst also getting your children to school, feeding them, bathing them and playing with them. And then it seems that there’s a never-ending pile of laundry!

It is hardly a surprise that with all of these pressures, you just feel there’s just never any time to do a thing. 

That said, when you feel overwhelmed with having so many different aspects of life to keep control of, there is one simple thing that can make everything more controllable:

Organisation (setting up some sort of structure)

Something like getting medication. This could be an absolute nightmare when you reorder it and have to wait a few days only to find that they haven’t got the medication in. It can be infuriating and stressful.

However, with online pharmacies like on here, you can make the entire process easier. In this day and age, who has the time to go to a pharmacy after finishing work at 5pm?

And besides, most pharmacies are shut by then! This means that you have got to go on a Saturday morning – so your weekend is already beginning to get eaten up by unnecessary routine. This does not make for a happy parent!

Putting a structure and place and being a more organised mum or dad will allow for your life to run a little smoother and with less stress.


Organisation helps you to prioritise the things that matter

Being organised gives you the opportunity to look at all the tasks you have and put them into a discernible order that makes life easier for you. It also helps you to prioritise the things that really matter, rather than wasting precious time on the less important things.

When we start to look at our parental duties as one massive task rather than breaking it down into little chunks, it is hardly a surprise that we all get so stressed!

By having a “To-Do List” or a rota you are more able to to look at everything as a whole. This enables you to work out the things that are more important. It gives you a chance to realise that there are things that don’t need fixing right now.

When you start to place a structure on everything you can start to prioritise tasks that need doing. You can also begin to think about the aspects of your life that are eaten up by seemingly trivial tasks.

  • Are you a working parent who doesn’t get the opportunity to spend quality time with your children until the weekend?
  • Do you then find yourself thinking that you need to spend the entire weekend preparing for the following week?

…again, not a very happy parent!

Think about whether there are any tasks that can be thrown out – or even handed over to professionals?

Cleaning is one of those things that we all hate. If you get a professional cleaning company to sort the house for you, this automatically ticks one massive task off your to-do list!


Organisation breeds security

When we are not organised we get stressed. This means that our disorganisation directly impacts the people in our lives that really matter. Being a more organised mum or dad provides our children with a sense of stability and security.

If our children see us running around like headless chickens, they start to develop these behaviours themselves. When we then get perplexed as to why our children are so anxious, we have no choice but to point the finger at ourselves.

By being organised you can run the risk of being too regimented but when there is a structure in place you will feel more relaxed. This then breeds contentment in your children. Research has shown that contented children feel more secure.

As we start to figure out the best ways to organise our lives we can also begin to make more time for the people that really matter. Too many people do not have the opportunity to spend time with their children during the week, but their weekends are taken up with other life admin. This means that they hardly get to spend any quality time with their children on weekends either.


Get Chunking!

We all suffer from the fact that there is just too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

By looking at every single task you have to complete and breaking it down (Chunking), you understand that so many aspects of what you do are trivial. You have just been worrying about them too much.

We often stress (way too much) over the fact that we don’t have structure. By breaking everything down, we have the opportunity to have more control over our tasks. It also this gives us the opportunity to live the life that we really want.

Some people do not like structure because it becomes too regimented. However, when you have children you have no choice but to become more organised and to make some sense of all these metaphorical jigsaw pieces! Be more organised and become a healthy and happy parent!



Images: freestocks.org from Pexels


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