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How Does Coaching Work?

Confidence and empowerment coaching is a powerful tool for people who feel they have “no choice” or who feel “stuck” in one or more aspects of their lives. Many people feel as if half of them is saying, “we can do this” and the other half is pulling them back, but they just don’t really know why.

It is very important to make the clear distinction between coaching and therapy. Coaching is not a substitute for any kind of therapy or counselling. Coaching is based on the present and the future – rather than the past.

Through powerful questioning techniques and realistic goal setting, people can gain a huge amount of self-awareness and uncover untapped potential. It is often said that self-improvements cannot be made without self-awareness. Self-awareness is vital to the development of our social and communication skills, but even more so to our own self-confidence. It empowers us by enabling us to understand what we want, need and feel – which, in turn provides us with the confidence to actually make those changes towards self-improvement.

Coaching sessions normally take place via phone call, Skype or in-person and last between 45-minutes and 1-hour on average.

My sessions last for 1-hour, to allow for us to really delve deep into the session.

Most coaches see their clients weekly to begin with.

I suggest seeing my clients 2-3 times per month (so you have reasonable time between sessions to achieve the goals set on your action plan). However, as you are paying for a service that is entirely based around your needs, I am always happy to make these sessions more or less often to fit around your schedule.

My recommended time frames are shown on my programme package listings.

My Core Values

Become Confident. Become Empowered. Become The You, You Want To Be!

Still not sure if coaching is for you? Why not book in for your free 20-minute consultation call via phone or Skype. We can have a chat about what you would like to achieve and you can ask all the questions you would like about coaching and what I can do for you.