The Essential Newborn Baby Shopping List: What To Buy For A New Baby

2021-12-10T20:55:10+00:00Family, Lifestyle|

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby!! Sorry...I just get overly happy for pregnant women these days (thats motherhood for ya!) If you have seen my post What Not to Buy for a Newborn, you will know that there are a ton of things that new parents spend...sorry, waste money on because we are told we NEED [...]

What NOT to Buy for a Newborn Baby: Tips for the Pregnant Mum

2021-12-10T20:55:31+00:00Family, Lifestyle|

Everyone has a million-and-one tips for what expecting parents NEED to buy before their bundle of joy newborn baby joins us in "real-people World". They hardly ever tell you what you DON'T need. And if they do, we tend to not listen and think we know better - we don't! If you want to know [...]


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