• How to Create a Blog Blog Review 40
    The Blogging Brilliant Personalised Blog Review will allow you to take specific and actionable steps towards creating your ideal blog.
    • Do you want more subscribers to your mailing list?
    • Are you fed up of looking at other professional, beautiful blogs and wondering why yours is not like them?
    • Is your content just not pulling the amount of readers you hoped it would?
    • Are you getting a decent level of traffic but no jump in page views?
    I will help you identify which areas of your blog need improving and create achievable goals and actionable steps for your personalised blog plan. You will also have access to unlimited email support from me for a whole month! INCLUDES: 2x FREE eBooks on SEO and How to Create a Blog
  • How to Create a Kick-A** Blog How to Create a Kick-A** Blog
    Whether you are a beginner blogger thinking about creating your own blog, or you have just started blogging, this book was created for you! Learn how to do everything you need to in order to create a successful and profitable blog – all in one simple step-by-step guide. How to Create a Kick-A** Blog teaches you exactly what you need to do to create your own kick-a** blog and how to do it: • Plan your blog direction, niche and brand • Create a professional blog website • Write creative killer content (posts) • SEO tips to get more visitors to your blog • Social Media and Email MarketingPromote your blog • Monetise your blog + Actionable activities to help you through the book! Sarah Lucia (who writes as Sarah Leigh) makes this book straightforward and easy to understand. It really is the Ultimate Guide for Beginner Bloggers!