How to Stop Worrying and Live For Today

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Just after my Squidge was born (January last year): - I was still with her dad. - We had temporarily moved in with my parents so that we (I) could save for a mortgage. - We were looking at where we were going to invest for our family home. - I was already planning [...]

How to Manage your Teen: 11 Teenage Behaviour Management Techniques


This post is dedicated to one of my readers, as a request - Karen Howorth. Most of my career has involved working with teenagers and dealing with teenage behaviour and attitude problems. During this time, I have had extensive behaviour management training and over 10 years of experience dealing with difficult teenagers. Many of the [...]

Preparing for High School: A Teacher’s Survival Guide for Parents!


I have helped children manage through their transitions between year groups and stages of education for over ten years.   This has led to my understanding of exactly what the common fears and misconceptions are about starting High School / Secondary School. In this post, I will teach you what we as educators - and you [...]

Get the Daily Dose of “Me Time” You Deserve (Guest Post)

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Guest Post by Marlee from 'Dishes By Hand' It is my pleasure to publish Marlee on Life It Or Not. Marlee is a funny, witty and genuine mum blogger who has two of her own little Squidge's and somehow also finds the time to work full time as a nurse (all while still washing her [...]

Cardiomyopathy: What REALLY Happens When You Get Chest Pain?

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Up until recently, I was very lucky to never have had any kind of chest pain. ...Until recently! In June 2018, I woke up to get ready for work at 5.30am after having a lovely nights sleep and hit the "Snooze" button so I could have my routine 15 minute lay-in (for some Mindfulness). My "Get [...]

Explode Your Pinterest Views and Drive Traffic to your Blog

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Pinterest drives 90% of the traffic to my blog - so it clearly deserves my time and attention (and money, apparently!) Growing your blog traffic by boosting your Pinterest traffic is one of the most well-known methods of growing "the right" engagement. In my first ever month of blogging, my Pinterest had an amazing growth [...]

What NOT to Buy for a Newborn Baby: Tips for the Pregnant Mum


Everyone has a million-and-one tips for what expecting parents NEED to buy before their bundle of joy newborn baby joins us in "real-people World". They hardly ever tell you what you DON'T need. And if they do, we tend to not listen and think we know better - we don't! If you want to know [...]

How to cope as a Single Mum: 8 Ways to Make it All Easier


When we first become a single mum, whether it be through choice or not, we have a tremendous amount of responsibility to shoulder! It is terrifying and lonely, and sometimes, we might even feel like we are “losing ourselves". I am not ashamed to say that I felt that way at first. Just know [...]

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