Motivational Workshops

I deliver motivational, in-person workshops to organisations and teams outside of the corporate world.

As a social justice advocate, I believe that real change begins at the core. I therefore charge low fees for my workshops and only work with non-profit organisations, charities, social enterprises, community and youth groups and centres, public services, educational establishments (staff and students Year 9+) and faith-based organisations. I also only run workshops for up to 16 participants in order to allow for maximum impact and individualisation, and so that any group work settings can run smoothly and be more accessible for all.

FEES: All of my workshop fees are set at a low cost of only £215.

TIME: All of my workshops run for 1hr and 45-minutes, including a break: Part 1 (45-mins) / Break (15-mins) / Part 2 (45-mins).

CAPACITY: All of my workshops accommodate from 8-16 participants.

I am currently only delivering in-person workshops within London, UK.

For more information, please get in touch or book in for a FREE 20-min Consultation Call and I will phone you at a convenient time for you so we can have an informal chat about the main theme/s of the specific workshop/s you are interested in.

Although all workshops are pre-prepared, I am more than happy to tailor a workshop to your requirements and that of your participants.

Building Social, Teamwork and Leadership skills through Group Activities

Do you have a group who:

  • Need to build their social and communication skills
  • Have social anxiety or get nervous in social situations or when dealing with other people
  • Are in a type of employment which requires them to be more persuasive in their communication skills (estate agent, teacher, sales / marketing etc.)
  • Would like to make friends, but they find it hard to do so. Maybe they just don’t know how to make friends?

Nobody is born with perfect social skills. These skills are learned through early environments and the development of ones personality through time. Adults who do not possess positive and effective communication skills are prone to developing negative and unhealthy relationships, so it is imperative to address and improve their skills as early as possible.

Vice versa, adults with stronger social skills tend to have better relationships with colleagues, friends, families and love interests. They are also generally more emotionally intelligent and emotionally healthy, and tend to be happier in general, as they are able to communicate their wants, needs, emotions and feelings in a nonviolent and non-accusing manner.

What happens in the ‘Effective Communication’ workshop?

Within the Effective Communication Workshop, participants will use NLP Coaching activities and resources to identify any perceived limiting beliefs and possible barriers that may be holding them back from being able to communicate effectively.

They will work within small groups to set themselves a way forward to overcome these beliefs, using a variety of coaching tools.

Participants of this workshop will also discover effective and appropriate use of body language to enable them to become more self-aware and to recognise their own strengths and weaknesses when communicating with others.

Features of the ‘Effective Communication’ workshop:

  • Being more self-aware and self-positive
  • How to break the ice and make a good first impression
  • Developing a rapport
  • The 7 barriers of communication
  • Effective and persuasive body language

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, and finding your YOU!

Do you have a group who:

  • Feel unsatisfied with life and want to get more out of it
  • Have recently experienced a life shift (job loss, housing issues, health problems, relationship breakup etc.)
  • Find it difficult to prioritise areas of their life
  • Have recently been diagnosed with a disability and are finding it difficult to adjust back to normality
  • Are struggling with self-esteem and confidence
  • Want to have more fun and happiness in their life, but don’t know where to start
  • Are constantly finding themselves saying, “I can’t do that because…”
  • Need an inspirational boost!
  • Know they are stressed, but have no idea where the stress is coming from
  • Feel like all they do is work and never have fun or spend time with family

What happens in the ‘Restore Balance & Empower Your Life!’ workshop?

It is very common for people to feel stressed in general, but when asked, “Why are you so stressed?” they say, “I really don’t know!” Firstly, this shows us that the eight areas of life are not in balance and there are problems in at least one of these areas.

Within the ‘Empower Your Life’ workshop, participants will use the Wheel of Life model to identify the root causes for the unbalance in their lives identify and examine the deeper feelings of what it really is that is holding them back. Fear? Embarrassment? Shame? Feelings of inequality or imposter syndrome?

They will gain clarity by identifying the realistic and unrealistic barriers, and create realistic plans to address these causes and frustrations, in order to feel less stressed and more empowered. My story is a long and arduous one, yet one which has continued to flourish through adversity. Through identifying my key values in life and pushing my limits, I have found my own “key to happiness”. This workshop is all about helping your group to find their own key to happiness.

Participants will be provided with free resources and coaching tools to help them prioritise the aspects of their lives so they align with their own core values and beliefs.

Features of the ‘Restore Balance & Empower Your Life!’ workshop:

  • Using the ‘Wheel of Life’ model to identify where the unbalance lies within their lives
  • Learning their own specific personality types
  • Becoming more self-aware of their own values and frustrations
  • Identifying perceived limiting beliefs and barriers
  • Writing a Bucket List
  • Creating a personalised action plan to move forward with
  • Prioritising goals
  • Creating plans and prioritising goals, using the SMART model to help them rebalance their lives

Bring Clarity, Direction and Purpose To Your Decision Making Process

Do you have a group who:

  • Need to solidify key goals for their department or work area to focus on
  • Are going through exams or life transitions and don’t know their next steps
  • Have a vision of what they want to achieve, but they just don’t know how to do it
  • Set themselves goals, but tend to not achieve them
  • Want to get a promotion at work or to progress in a specific area of their life

Most people who fail to set goals or set goals but then find it difficult to achieve them can find it difficult to progress in life or work. The most successful people are skilled in setting and achieving goals. They hold themselves accountable – which includes rewarding themselves for taking the correct actions.

Although most people have a dream or a bigger goal that they want to reach, they are not always aware of how to get there in the first place. This results in low self-confidence and a lack of motivation.

Many people are good at achieving their goals, but they still see no progress. This is often because they are setting the wrong goals in the first place.

What happens in the ‘Decision Making & Goal Setting’ workshop?

Within the ‘Decision Making & Goal Setting’ workshop, participants will identify their key goals and gain more clarity by identifying their root motivations for these goals. They will create targeted action plans to help them take positive steps towards their goals and learn how to track their progress and reward themselves for positive actions and steps forward.

Participants will be provided with free resources, progress charts and coaching tools to help them stay on-track and on top of their journey and to feel more empowered in their own lives.

Features of the ‘Decision Making & Goal Setting’ workshop:

  • Becoming more self-aware of what they want to achieve – either individually or as a team
  • Visualising success
  • Identifying the root motivation for their goals
  • Creating targeted action plans, using the SMART model and roadmaps
  • Prioritising goals
  • Learning how to hold themselves accountable and track progress and rewards

Why Work With Me?

I have the lived experience of transformational empowerment through adversity and over 15-years experience in helping thousands of people to successfully reach their goals and become their own inspiration.

Since leaving home at 16, I have been diagnosed with seven life-changing chronic illnesses, had three surgeries (two on my heart), experienced domestic abuse, homelessness, relocation and unemployment, and am also a single mother. Despite my challenges, I have stayed empowered and true to myself and now live a life truly aligned with my core values and beliefs.

Using neurolinguistic programming, psychometric assessments, mind-reframing techniques, and my own empathy from lived experiences, I am able to motivate and empower my clients to transform their lives, so they can finally live the life they actually want to live.

Book your FREE Consultation Call today to find out how I can help you.

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