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Why Coach With Me?

Why Coach With Me?

My 1-2-1 coaching programmes are designed to help you transform your life and live the life YOU want to live – not the life you THINK you SHOULD live. I make it a point to support but challenge my clients, helping you to be true to yourself and to empower you to believe in yourself as much as I believe in you. Coaching with me, you will establish control over your own life and retrain your subconscious to create new, positive mind-sets.

You will gain clarity in what you really want, feel more confident and empowered and more able to progress toward achieving your full potential. You will uncover the root cause/s of any limiting beliefs or challenges you may face in your journey to empowerment and we will work together to disassociate you from the “I can’t” attitude and motivate you to take action. By challenging those beliefs, you will begin to understand why you feel, think and do the things you do – or don’t do and start changing the negative thought processes and actions that are holding you back.

I use Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to change your perception of yourself and the world around you, and to help you get rid of unwanted behaviours and negative thoughts. Through the use of NLP and CBT techniques, you will learn about your own strengths and how to use them to your advantage – as well as how to use effective communication skills to get the result you want from others

Within personalised coaching sessions, you will unlock your best self and live with a sense of authenticity, confidence and inner strength. Through specific and targeted questioning and realistic goal-setting, you will grow awareness of your core beliefs and set yourself action plans to help motivate you to make the positive choices and actions to lead you to your to goals.

I will provide you with resources to help you stick to your action plan and we will keep a record of your progress to re-visit each step in each session to ensure you are continuing your progression and keeping your focus and clarity right where it should be.

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What Kind of Problems Can I Help You With?

I help my clients to align their own self-image with what they REALLY want to achieve. I help them to live the life that THEY want to live – not the life they THINK they SHOULD live!

My coaching programmes can help with things like:

  • Social and performance anxiety (socialising and public speaking)
  • Leadership / Management and teamwork skills
  • Effective communication skills and setting boundaries with yourself and in relationships
  • Finding a sense of direction in your life and achieving your goals
  • Removing limiting beliefs, negative self-thoughts and bad habits, and replacing them with positive thinking
  • Behaviour management for parents
  • Overcoming obstacles to clear your path to success
  • Effective leadership & assertiveness
  • Health & wellbeing (for those with a disability)

My Core Values


“You and your material are my saving grace.”

Kay Simone, Single Mum

My sessions with Sarah have been amazing! They really made me think more deeply. I was single-minded before, but seeing things from a new perspective was a refreshing boost in changing my mindset. Sarah helped me to take responsibility and to become more empowered. She helped me to take realistic steps to achieving my goal and gain clarity in my own values. The action plans were super helpful and stopped me from procrastinating so much.

Patricia L., Education Sector

Be Confident. Be Empowered. Be The You, YOU Want To Be!

Still not sure if coaching is for you? Why not book in for your free 20-minute consultation call via phone or Skype. We can have a chat about what you would like to achieve and you can ask all the questions you would like about coaching and what I can do for you.