How To Use Supplements The Correct Way

2024-02-17T10:31:55+00:00Body, Mind, Wellness|

If we’re looking for approaches for a healthier lifestyle, the world of supplements and knowing how to use supplements is a massive rabbit hole that can take up our entire lives if we let it. From the plethora of supplements available in health shops to even things like green tea, almost everything could be [...]

Mind, Body, and In-Between: How To Raise Your Vibration

2023-12-21T07:58:48+00:00Body, Mind, Wellness|

Learning to raise your vibration includes learning how to improve your mental health. However, being able to raise your vibration is not necessarily about just one practice that you can stick to. You have to get an understanding of the various techniques that can enhance your sense of self. There is no one-size-fits-all approach [...]

Coping With a Life-Changing Injury

2023-12-14T08:15:44+00:00Body, Wellness|

If you’ve been seriously injured, adjusting to your new circumstances and coping with a life-changing injury can be incredibly painful and difficult. Some people even find that this adjustment period is more painful than the event that caused the injury in the first place. However, this isn’t to say that it’s impossible to enjoy [...]

Why Are My Teeth Yellow?: 4 Common Causes

2023-11-29T11:01:20+00:00Body, Wellness|

A common question put to dentists is "Why are my teeth yellow?" A bright and radiant smile can boost your health and confidence. However, having discoloured teeth can affect this, especially when you don’t know how to treat it. If you’re experiencing this, you’re not alone, as it’s common across the UK, with over [...]

How To Keep Your Family Healthy: 2 Simple Steps

2023-11-21T13:05:47+00:00Body, Family, Lifestyle, Mind, Wellness|

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to look after your family’s health and wellbeing. This might be one of the bare minimum tasks of a parent, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy or simple! Life is complicated and messy, and sickness can strike at any time. So, here is a bit of advice [...]

Why You Need Regular Eye Tests, Even If Your Vision Seems Fine

2023-11-21T12:22:23+00:00Body, Wellness|

So, you don't think you need regular eye tests because you can read this text with no issue at all? You don’t need to squint, you’re not holding your phone far away or sitting back in your chair to make the words come into focus - and you’re not increasing the zoom size!  As [...]

Common Signs You Need To Visit An Optician

2023-10-20T14:43:10+00:00Body, Wellness|

When it comes to your health, there is nothing too small for you to do to fix it, including having to visit an optician if you are concerned. If you are no longer hearing people properly, you go and see an audiologist and you get your hearing checked out. If you are struggling to [...]

Living With Diabetes: 5 Tips For Good Health

2023-06-20T07:36:32+00:00Body, Wellness|

Living with diabetes can be a struggle to come to terms with. Being diagnosed with any health condition can be a scary time. Getting treatment is only part of the battle, especially as it is a lifelong condition. One such condition that can have a massive impact on your life is diabetes. Diabetes can [...]


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