Three Basic Things You Will Need For A Growing Family

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When you are a parent, slowly watching your children grow, it can be a very exciting time indeed. For many people it is really what they live for. If you are in this position and you want to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to make the situation as positive [...]

Why Organisation Is The Key To Being A Healthy And Happy Parent: Piecing The Parenting Jigsaw Together

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We all know the feeling of everything balancing on a knife's edge. As parents, we can spend so long trying to raise these quizzical and perfect little creatures that we can bring ourselves to the edge of insanity and back without figuring out how to be a happy parent ourselves. As our children grow [...]

When to Transition to a Toddler Bed: 7 Critical Things to Consider when Moving from Crib to Bed

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Is my toddler ready to transition into a toddler bed? The thought of moving your toddler into their own "big girl/big boy bed" either delights or terrifies most parents! Knowing when to transition to a toddler bed can be one of the hardest decisions you can make when it comes to your own and [...]

How to Prepare your Teenager for Financial Independence (Guest Post)

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Is your child going to be a freshman soon? If yes, it is very important to make them aware of their finances right from this age! In today’s world, the concept of financial independence has gained immense importance. You might have already tried, but failed due to a lack of proper planning and awareness. [...]

How to Calm an Angry Child: 9 Easy Anger Management Techniques for Kids

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Why is my child acting so angry? Believe it or not, toddler and child aggression is actually completely normal! Especially around the "terrible two's", when they are craving independence and control and around the age of 4-5 when they are developing more independence. Knowing how to control a tantrum is one thing, but managing [...]

Top 10 Fun Family Days Out in London for FREE!

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Are you like me? A mother who wants to take their little bundle of joy out for the day, but doesn't want to break the bank every single time? Or, maybe you are only visiting London for a day or so and want to find something fun, but free to do? Well, look no further. [...]

Changing Bag Checklist: The Must-Have Essentials for your Diaper Bag!

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There are a few things you should look for when buying a changing bag and think about when packing it. A waterproof cover Multiple compartments and pockets (helps keep things organised). There are many diaper bags like this one which are great for organisation. Pack things in "groups". Put everything in neatly for easy access. [...]

How to Stop your Toddler Grabbing Everything in Sight: 8 Strategies to Keep Your Sanity!

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There are so many parents asking themselves how to stop a toddler grabbing everything! It is a common complaint from parents of 1-3 year olds. Their little bundles of energy just want to explore, but in doing so, they are on a mission to grab, keep, take and say, "MINE!" Don't worry though, toddlers are [...]

The Essential Newborn Baby Shopping List: What To Buy For A New Baby

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Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby!! Sorry...I just get overly happy for pregnant women these days (thats motherhood for ya!) If you have seen my post What Not to Buy for a Newborn, you will know that there are a ton of things that new parents spend...sorry, waste money on because we are told we NEED [...]

The Best 16 Educational Toys for Toddlers: Christmas Presents 2021

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Learn Through Play After spending hours researching, I have found you the absolute best, affordable educational toys for toddlers! (I have actually bought many of the toys in this post for my own daughter!) There are literally millions of toys on the market for children. However, when it comes to buying educational toys for toddlers...thats when [...]

The Adventures of Frank and Diesel – Frank’s first Christmas

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The awesome sisters, Melanie Slack and Katie Green asked me to write a review of their special illustrated Christmas book for kids. The Adventures of Frank and Diesel: Frank's First Christmas is the most recent book of the series published by the sisters. The other books in this series include: Who's That? A day at [...]

12 Ways to Deal with a Toddler Tantrum and How to Avoid Them in the First Place

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Even if you have never had any children, I can almost guarantee that you have, at some point, seen a child throwing the biggest toddler tantrum ever!   Why Do Toddlers Have Tantrums? Most toddler tantrums are known to begin at around 18 months, although they can start before and after this time. The [...]

How to Deal with Difficult Teenagers: 11 Proven Techniques to Handle Difficult Teenage Behavior

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Most of my career has involved working with teenagers and dealing with teenage behavior and attitude problems. During this time, I have had extensive behavior management training and over 10 years of experience dealing with difficult teenagers. Many of the young people I have worked with have had mental health problems and/or a diagnosis [...]

Preparing for High School: A Teacher’s Survival Guide for Parents!

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I have helped children manage through their transitions between year groups and stages of education for over ten years.   This has led to my understanding of exactly what the common fears and misconceptions are about starting High School / Secondary School. In this post, I will teach you what we as educators - and you [...]

What NOT to Buy for a Newborn Baby: Tips for the Pregnant Mum

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Everyone has a million-and-one tips for what expecting parents NEED to buy before their bundle of joy newborn baby joins us in "real-people World". They hardly ever tell you what you DON'T need. And if they do, we tend to not listen and think we know better - we don't! If you want to know [...]

How to cope as a Single Mum: 8 Ways to Make it All Easier

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When we first become a single mum, whether it be through choice or not, we have a tremendous amount of responsibility to shoulder! It is terrifying and lonely, and sometimes, we might even feel like we are “losing ourselves". I am not ashamed to say that I felt that way at first. Just know [...]

Toddler Behaviour Management: 10 Techniques to Get Your Tot Behaving

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So, your toddler is at that age where everything is either "no" or "mine"! Anything that is NOT theirs, they want! Anything that IS theirs, they bounce off the floor or stand on! You might even find them grabbing at anything and everything? (If this sounds about right, check out my article on how to [...]

10 Stupid Misconceptions about Single Mum’s

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Since becoming a single mum, I have heard the most ridiculous comments about single mums! These comments are both hilarious and nasty! I'm sure people just assume these stereotypical visions of single mum's from what they see on stupid TV shows! Some single mums find it extremely difficult to be a single mum. There is [...]


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