How To Improve Communication During A Divorce

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Communication is key Improving communication during a divorce is one of the most helpful ways to make the whole situation just a tiny bit easier on all involved. Communication is key and makes a significant difference while you are going through a divorce.  Divorces are not the most pleasant thing to go through. They [...]

How To Handle Awkward Conversations With Your Child

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You don't have to feel awkward When you’re raising children, awkward conversations are going to be a fact of life. That said though, the worry about how to handle awkward conversations with your child is always there for many parents. While many people would prefer to avoid them, you can only put them off [...]

Safe Sleep For Babies: Essential Tips

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Sweet Dreams New parents almost always have concerns, worries and questions about safe sleep for babies. Of course, you want to make sure that your baby is safe. The best sleeping advice can protect your baby and reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome, also known as cot death), so every parent [...]

How To Create Your Childs Dream Bedroom

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Let your Child Dream in their Dream Bedroom If you are going to be redoing your kids room, you want to make sure that you are doing it right. This article will help you to create your child's dream bedroom. Otherwise, you are going to be in this situation again in a few years [...]

Back to School: How to Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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It will all be ok. Returning to the classroom is an exciting time. But for many children, it can cause stress and anxiety, about being separated from their families after months of togetherness.  The beginning of a new school year typically generates a combination of excitement and nervousness, but returning this year amid the [...]

How To Homeschool a Child that Doesn’t Want to Learn

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My Homeschooled Child Doesn't Want To Learn! So your homeschooled child doesn't want to learn? Firstly, don't panic! Not all children are motivated to want to learn. Some can be rebellious while others take a little more encouraging to get up and attend school. Homeschooling is not an easy feat. It can pose many [...]

How to Prepare for a Family Road Trip

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Eeek! Family Road Trip! Are you wondering how to prepare for a family road trip? You're in the right place! A road trip is something that takes a lot of preparation. Even if it isn’t with family, it’s still a lot of work. Traveling is the best time to have some bonding through laughter, [...]

How to Teach your Teenager to Drive

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Should you say yes? Parenting throws a lot of curveballs at parents, but if there’s one that really knocks them out it’s having a teenager. Let alone having to teach their teenager to drive. Teenagers are too young to be considered responsible, but too old to be completely dependent. It is that new independence [...]

How to Stay Sane During the School Run

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You CAN be the "sane" school run mum The school run is one of the hardest parts of life with kids and is perhaps the biggest reason for lost sleep once our kids reach schooling age. Why do we hate this dreaded school fundamental so very much, you ask? Because of the crowds, the [...]

How to Comfort Someone Who Has Lost a Child

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There are ways you can offer comfort You may feel completely lost when trying to find ways of how to comfort someone who has lost a child, but there are ways you can help. Losing your child is the worst nightmare of every parent on earth. If you aren’t a parent, it can be hard to [...]

5 Simple Tips for a Family Friendly Decor

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Put your stamp on it! Building your own family home is one of the greatest joys of adult life. It always feels amazing when you can put your own stamp on your house and have some form of family decor. When decorating a family home to impress, there are so many different considerations to [...]

60 Ways to Improve your Family Life in 60 Seconds

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Meee In A Family Minute The 'Meee In A Family Minute' book features 60 very simple ways in which you can improve your family life in only 60 seconds. No, really - it does! At the beginning of the book, the author Sid Madge mentions Jim Carrey's commencement speech. He wrote about how Carrey [...]

How to Prevent Teatime Tantrums with your Fussy Eater

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Is your kiddo a fussy eater? Most parents will be all too familiar with the strain of dealing with a child who refuses to eat what’s been served up on their plates during meal times - AKA. "The Fussy Eater". It is entirely normal for a child to refuse to eat, or even try, [...]

Can You Run A Business And Be A Parent?

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You can do it! Can you be a working mother - but one who works for herself? Of course you can! I believe that when you truly set your intention to build your own business, and when you determine that nothing is going to stand in your way, you are already one solid step [...]

Disney Princess Bedroom Decor: The Complete List

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Get the Perfect Disney Princess Bedroom for your Little Princess We all want our children to have the perfect bedroom. However, when our little princess wants a Disney princess bedroom decor, we are left thinking, "how the heck do I do this without spending HOURS searching on different websites for each item?" Well...not to [...]

Educational Toys for Pre-School Kids!

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The search for the perfect educational toy is over! Having a pre-school child who is both very academic and very practical has been somewhat of a struggle when choosing toys. A genuine educational toy is actually very hard to find! I buy her something to read - we also act it out. Get her [...]

5 Things to Consider when Thinking of Getting a Family Pet?

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Are you thinking of getting a family pet?  One of the most exciting additions you could add to your growing family is a family pet. You can have many happy memories with them throughout the years...but are you ready for what is about to come?  This question is one of the first things that [...]

Growing Up With Nature: How to Teach Kids about the Natural World

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Children have a lot to learn as they grow up, which we can often forget as adults. Nature is something that is often passed over when parents think about what they need to teach their children. We may not remember all of the specifics so well. However, everything you know now, you mostly had [...]


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