Personalised Blog Review


The Blogging Brilliant! Blog Review provides bloggers with a personalised and in-depth action plan in order to take specific and actionable steps towards creating their ideal blog.

  • Are you fed up of looking at other professional, sleek-looking blogs and wondering why yours just doesn’t seem to match up to theirs?
  • Do you want more traffic driving to your website and more page views?
  • Would you like more subscribers joining your mailing list?
  • Is your content amazing, but for some reason it’s just not pulling the amount of readers you hoped it would?
  • Are you unsure about how to write, how much to write, what to write etc.?
  • Do you wish you knew how to use Google Analytics and SEO to maximise your potential reach to readers across the world? 

INCLUDES: 2x FREE eBooks on SEO and How to Create a Blog (best-seller!)




How the Personalised Blog Review works

Within 24 hours of you making your payment, I will send you:

  • An invoice to confirm your purchase.
  • A questionnaire about your blog. You will need to complete and submit this before we continue with the review.
  • Two FREE eBooks (pdf. format)

1. How to Create a Kick-A** Blog

* Best-seller on Amazon and recommended by ‘Book Authority’ as “one of the best SEO and Blog Writing Books of all time!”

2. The Beginners Guide to SEO

REFUND INFORMATION: Due to the nature of this service, a refund can not be issued once the blog review process has commenced. Refunds can only take place before you have received the invoice.


Step 1

I will take an in-depth look into your blogs branding, content and overall user experience.

  • Design, layout and branding
  • Usability, SEO, social media presence & mailing list
  • Quality of the written content
  • How you use analytics to increase website performance


Step 2

Studying each page and area of your website, I will create a list of specific areas in need of improvement and draft an action plan with achievable steps and blogging goals for you to work towards.


Step 3

We will have a 60-minute Skype session or phone call, in which we will cement your actionable plan and discuss how you will work towards your goals.

I like to involve you in this process so you can have an input into your own realistic work-rate and ask any other questions you might have before you start working on your blogging goals.


Step 4

After our 60-minute meeting / conversation, I will transfer your agreed goals and steps into an easy-to-understand tracking system for you to keep and work towards on your own.

I will email this to you within 48 hours of our Skype / phone call session.


Step 5

You will have unlimited email support with me for one month after your payment is submitted. I will answer any questions you have and support you every step of the way.


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