Welcome to the start of your journey to becoming empowered and achieving your goals.

Hi, I’m Sarah Lucia – an accredited Transformational Life Coach, Motivational Educator, Author and Blogger.

Over the past decade, I have worked as an Educator, Wellbeing Champion, Support Group Leader and Blogger, coaching people in education, mental and physical wellbeing, confidence and communication and positivity. I provide women with the knowledge and confidence they need to take purposeful steps to becoming the person they want to be and to realign their lives with their values and desires.

Although I live in London, the beautiful capital of England, I have helped people from all over the UK to become empowered and inspired in their own lives.

My Early Years

Although I had an amazing childhood, I still walked down some wrong roads in life – which led to me leaving home aged 16. After living in hostels and temporary accommodation, I moved across England to go to University – where my journey in helping people to live a more fulfilled life began. I worked as a Music Youth Worker with young people from Detention Centres and I worked as a Radio Presenter for a Community Radio Station. Aged 22, I returned to London to start my career as an educator and I quickly became the Head of Subject at a Secondary School and Sixth Form College.

My Calling To Be A Coach

Within three months of the birth of my daughter in 2017, she was diagnosed with deafness, I had to have surgery to remove Stage 0 Cervical Pre-Cancerous cells and I was then diagnosed with Heart Failure and Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Google told me I had 50% chance of dying within one year!)

Just over one week later…my partner left us! 

After a few months of procrastinating and being miserable, I felt I was “losing” myself. I was panicking about my future, everything was on my shoulders and I just felt like…well, not me!

I knew I had get myself back in gear and get positive again! There was no way I was going to let all these negative events change and define me and my daughters future. If anything, I knew I had to aim even higher – achieve even more, because I had to be a positive role-model to my daughter.

So, I Decided to ‘Life It’!

I took purposeful steps to regain my strength as a woman and as a mother and became empowered in every way I could think possible! The famous ‘Bucket List’ was my first step to regaining control of my life and realigning my future with my dreams and desires.

To start living my best life, I took my health and wellbeing seriously and began to get fit again. I went to Cardiac Rehab (to strengthen my heart), Pilates and Tai Chi. I practiced mindfulness and meditation, changed my diet and quit smoking.

I became a Wellbeing Champion and started running my blog (Life It Or Not) and various support groups for Cardiomyopathy patients and single parents. One of the most important changes I made though, was going through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT). I learned how to reprogram my own mind and started to realign my life with my values and beliefs.

In 2018, I changed my career and went travelling with my (then 1-year-old) daughter to 7 countries and 10 cities within 10 months, only to return to the UK as a Top 10 Best Selling Author in the Amazon ‘Online Services’ category.

sarah lucia and daughter

Through in-depth, confidential and friendly, but challenging sessions with me, I will help you to delve deep into your thoughts and turn your future into what you really want it to be. No longer will you feel the need to hold back or feel unsure of how to progress. Let’s start your new future NOW!

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