sarah leigh life it or not blogHi, I’m Sarah. Single mum, motivational educator and die-hard cheese lover!

Life It Or Not is a motivational and empowering lifestyle blog for mums.

As a motivational educator, wellbeing champion and blogger, I aim to provide women and mothers with the knowledge and confidence they need to take purposeful steps to becoming the person they want to be.

…To become their own inspiration and their best selves through self-awareness and positive thinking. 

I have been widely recognised for my communication skills, positivity and determination, and recently published my first eBook: How to Create a Kick-A** Blog.


…You and your material are my saving grace.Kay Simone - 'Single Parents Support' member

sarah leigh on runwayWho am I?

I am a 31 year old single mother (of a beautiful 2-year old), blogger and motivational educator who lives in London, UK.

Although I had an amazing childhood, I still walked down some wrong roads in life – which ended with me leaving home aged 16. After living in hostels, I moved across England to go to University, where I worked as a Music Youth Worker with young people from Detention and Residential Centres. 

Aged 22, I returned to London to start my career and became the Head of Music Technology at a Secondary School and Sixth Form College. During my career, I have worked with ages 1-17 and adults – including many with Special Education Needs and behavioural problems.


~ Be empowered and purposeful in all that you do ~Sarah Leigh - Life It Or Not

Why Did I Start Writing?

Within three months of the birth of my Squidge, she was diagnosed with partial deafness, I had a Cervical Cancer scare and I was then diagnosed with Heart Failure and Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

Just over one week later…my partner left us! 

After a few months of procrastinating and being miserable, I was “losing” myself. I was panicking about my future, everything was on my shoulders and I just felt…terrible!

It wasn’t like me at all, so I knew I had get my butt in gear and get positive again!

I decided enough was enough! I wasn’t going to let this craziness beat me and ruin my precious time with my Squidge!


so I decided to #LifeIt!!

I took purposeful steps to regain my strength as a woman and as a mother and became empowered in every way!

I started getting fit again, practicing mindfulness, eating healthy, I quit smoking and started travelling.

In 2018, Squidge and I travelled to 7 countries and 10 cities!


I also run a support group for ‘Cardiomyopathy UK‘ and am a digital media volunteer for a single parent’s support website.


Will you #LifeItOrNot?

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