Learning to raise your vibration includes learning how to improve your mental health. However, being able to raise your vibration is not necessarily about just one practice that you can stick to.

You have to get an understanding of the various techniques that can enhance your sense of self. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to helping you feel secure within who you are.

However, there’s a number of different techniques and strategies that can serve to inspire yourself and others to get a better understanding of the things that need those little tweaks.

Some things can be really simple, and some can require a deep dive, but let’s show you what you can do to heighten that sense of self.

The Power of Positive Self-Talk

Many people have an ongoing dialogue in their minds about the negative things in life. When we are constantly talking to ourselves, consciously or subconsciously, that things are bad, our brain then takes this and creates a feedback loop that will reinforce that what we believe is true. 

This is why we need to stop those negative thoughts in their tracks and use techniques like positive self-talk. It can encourage a person to look on the bright side of things, but also put things into perspective.

There’s actually a number of benefits to making time to create positive statements about oneself. If you are someone who struggles to regulate your emotions, a self-affirming statement can reduce the anxiety of that situation.

It could improve engagement, reduce performance anxiety, help you to develop abilities to cope with negative emotions and mental stress, but it can also have a major impact on how you feel in the long run. 

This is why negative self-talk is tackled through techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which specifically focuses on using positive self-talk or learning to reframe a specific attitude.

When we transform our inner dialogue from self-criticism to self-encouragement, it can shift our perspective drastically over time. Learning to incorporate affirmations into a daily routine can reinforce your belief in your abilities and make you more resilient. 

The Power of Gratitude

There have been more studies on gratitude that show that people who are grateful can have better attitudes to life. This sounds incredibly obvious because someone who is more positive in mindset and is conscious in counting their blessings, tends to be happier and therefore less depressed. 

Gratitude is consistently associated with great happiness and if we don’t have a positive attitude to ourselves or the wider world, starting a gratitude practice can foster a deeper appreciation for everything around us and put us on a journey of self-improvement.

Because if we are people who feel the world is constantly weighing us down this is incredibly unhelpful but, as we’ve already discussed, this will force our hand on a subconscious level. 

We will begin to feel that this is what the world is like and because we can feel bound by pressures in society, especially on social media, or financial problems, we may not feel able to count our blessings.

There is always something good even if you have to dig through the rubble.

It helps us to focus from what is missing to what is abundant in our lives, and it’s that glass-half-full mentality that many people can exhibit extreme cynicism about.

If we find ourselves becoming consumed by negativity because of people around us, being able to express gratitude in any form gives us a far better sense of self.

The techniques for improving your sense of self are as diverse as they are impactful. Personal growth is not about finding a couple of tools and that is it, but it’s about increasing your toolbox; so many of us need techniques in our lives now more than ever.

Learn what your toolbox actually needs so you can create a far more resilient and empowered version of yourself.

Refining Your Posture

We, for the most part, work jobs that require us to sit down all day every day, and this means that over the months and years, we start to contort our bodies into positions that are unnatural.

What happens? We end up with hunched shoulders, bad lower backs, and feel older than our years. This is why we need to take those opportunities to battle against the lifestyle that we have which forces us into these unnatural positions. 

But with regards to your sense of self, there is a big thing known as the mind-body connection, and when you recognise that your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes can have an effect on your posture, you will be able to recognise if how you are standing is feeding into your mindset and vice versa.

What can you do to start changing your posture? The options are limitless:

  • Start understanding your body through practices such as the Alexander technique. I actually have a book on this, which I read regularly. The Alexander technique is something that helps us to gain a better understanding of our natural movements and posture and reduce those unhelpful habits that we’ve learned over the years.
  • Begin to look at fixing those problems that cause you issues, whether it’s a bad lower back or poor shoulders. Yoga is an excellent solution, but if you have a very specific problem, for example, your lower back, it could stem from the fact that you are sitting down all day. This means that you are potentially experiencing problems with your hip flexors, and conducting hip flexor stretches every day can reduce those lower back problems.
  • Find a practice that helps you regain your natural body position. We all can experience the curvature of the spine because we’re hunched over our computers, and therefore, something very simple like hanging on a pull-up bar for two minutes will force your body back into those natural positions that don’t feel natural anymore.

There is also the fact that our body language could shape who we are. Once we figure out that actually our body language is to do with that mind-body connection, we can start to change postures and practice power poses.

We have to remember that our mind on an unconscious level is greatly influenced by everything we put into it, and therefore, if we are shy and retiring and our body language is representative of that, our unconscious mind takes this and runs with it.

Therefore, over the years, we develop bad psychological habits as well.

We should start to battle those things that we know are invariably bad for our mindset and spend a little bit of time every single day practising power poses, as described in this TED talk by Amy Cuddy.

The Importance of Beauty Regimes

While it can often be overlooked from a psychological perspective, if you are looking for an approach to make you feel better within yourself, sometimes you have to go from the outside in.

While often overlooked, the care of your hair can have an impact on your self-image. The notion of pre washing hair and grooming it can boost your confidence and self-esteem and this can partly be about finding the time to pamper yourself.

This is something that can reinforce that you are as important as others, as well as finding the right style. 

The right hairstyle is something that can be inherently linked into what you feel is lacking in your life.

Much like people “dress for the job they want, not the job they have,” you can take this aptitude and run with it in so many other aspects of how you style yourself. Finding the right hairstyle that can make you feel more empowered is a great way to help you add a little spring in your step.

We have to remember it’s about all of those little things adding up, and with regards to something like beauty regimes and our style, it can invariably do so much to give you that extra something that you don’t necessarily feel you have.

Don’t forget to add in a little time for self-care, soothing baths, nights of calm etc. into this regime.

Photo by 11417994 on Pixabay.