Life comes at you whether you are ready or not, and sometimes this means we might need a little pick-me-up. And, that’s ok.

Sometimes it is just too much to handle all at once. When that happens, it is time for a break.

Do something good for yourself and try one or all of the ideas below. Keep reading to learn how to elevate your mood when you need it most.

Watch a Timely Movie

Perhaps the holidays are upon you, and you are feeling all the feelings. Your personal and family lives are weighing down your usually high spirits this time of year.

That is okay, things happen, but now you need to relax. One of the best solutions is to watch some heartwarming movies about Christmas

Whether you believe in the holiday spirit or not, these movies will make you smile, perhaps shed a healing tear or two and leave you with a generally happy feeling.

Movies like these give you some hope for humanity and kindness, which is exactly what you need when you are down. Settle in with a cuppa, a biscuit, cuddly socks, and your favourite person and pets. Give yourself the space to just relax and take in some endearing entertainment this holiday season.

Bake Something Delicious

There is something comforting about the act of baking that helps to bring you out of the doldrums. From selecting the perfect recipe to methodically following the baking instructions, you can get out of your head and focus on the recipe before you.

After all, you need to be attentive to ensure you measure everything according to the recipe and then pay attention to the process.

Find recipes you will enjoy and can share with others. As a delightful byproduct, giving away your lovingly made baked goods will brighten someone else’s day and make you feel good about your caring act.

You might want to make a few extra batches so you can nibble on them whilst watching your holiday movies. 

Watch this relaxing video for holiday cookie decorating inspiration.

Spend Time with Your Family

If you have family that you enjoy being around, take any opportunity to spend time with one another. Message, call, text, or walk down the hall and invite them to spend time together.

You can sit down together and catch up on your lives. Or, ask them to come in their comfiest pyjamas, pull out the blankets, start a fire, and watch the Christmas movies together.

Even better, bake some cookies together and retreat to watch a movie whilst the cookies are baking. Be sure to set a timer in case you become too immersed in the show and good conversation with one another.

Being with the people you love and enjoy is some of the best medicine available.

With these ideas in mind, go forward confidently and give yourself some grace to sit with your feelings. It is perfectly alright to be a little down every once in a while.

It is also quite alright to find positive ways to distract yourself. Turn on a happy movie, eat something tasty, and spend time with the people you love.

Give yourself the gift of comfort this time of year!

Photo by Laura James on Pexels.