Trying to figure out activities to do with the kids is never easy. Luckily, it becomes much easier when you do things one-on-one. Planning fun activities to do with your daughter can be easier than you might think.

Whether you have sons or daughters or a mix of the two in the house, some activities you do may be catered towards one or the other.

It is easy to forget that every activity that you can do with your son, you can equally do with your daughter.

The difference comes when your son is more interested in basketball or Roblox than he is making bracelets or rollerblading.

No matter the age of your daughter, having that precious one-on-one time can really make a big difference to your relationship. Being able to equip yourself with small activities for unexpected free time together, such as making bracelets with elastic for bracelets and the right amount of beads could be a fab way to spend some unexpected free time together.

Here are some fun activities that you could start doing with your daughter.

Start sewing together

Start a sewing project together. Both of you choosing a pattern to follow or choosing a specific item of clothing to make is fun, but it’s even more fun to go to classes together and learn how to sew.

If you already know how to do it, now is your chance to teach your daughter how to sew as well. You might discover she has a passion for fashion one day, and understanding how to sew and how to cut fabric is really going to help with that passion.

You could also get her making blankets and pillows for her dolls! My daughter started off making outfits for her barbies, so I bought her a small mini sewing machine to practice on.


Not all activities that you do with your daughter have to surround things that are pink and pretty. My daughter is a bit of a tom-boy, just like me, and loves being super active…all the time!

You can go for a swim together, hit up a yoga class together (or start doing yoga for 10 minutes every morning), or you can go for a long walk in nature together. Hiking in nature is always fun as long as you do it safely.

There are plenty of activities available for you to do together. If you really want to make it fun, why don’t you join a club where you get to climb rope and swing from the trees in a high adventure?

That’s exercise for the body and for the soul!

Head out to a movie

Is there something in the cinema right now that both of you would love to see? Well, now’s the time to go.

Going out to the movies and buying all the best snacks is part of the fun. So pick a movie together, grab some unhealthy, cheeky snacks and go and enjoy yourselves.

Cook something nice together

The chances are good that you’ve already taught your daughter how to cook, and so you should.

You should never send any child, son or daughter out into the world without basic skills, and cooking is one of them.

You could pick a recipe together, whether that be a main or a dessert, and spend time in the kitchen laughing and cooking.

…Try not to have any flour fights though, because remember, you’ll have to clean it up!

Book a table at a restaurant

A really fun activity that you can do with your daughter is to book a table at your favourite restaurant and go out to eat together.

Let her pick from the menu for you, and you pick from the menu for her, and then both eat the meals you chose for each other. This is a super fun way to engage with your daughter and have a giggle.

It’s also a nice way to both expand your palettes, but just don’t tell your daughter that.

Read together

When was the last time you curled up with a good book and read with your daughter? I mean, aside from school books!

You can take turns to read a page each. Not only will you be helping her to learn to comprehend certain themes and stories, but you get to spend that quality time snuggled up reading a book together.

Join a class

Whether it’s a class to make jewellery or a class to make art. There are lots of classes out there for families with young children too!

You should think about the fact that you can spend time together doing it.

Why not pool a list of ideas together and pick from a hat if you can’t decide. You could even try your hand at pottery or painting.

Either way, it’s super fun!

Photo by Alexis B on Pexels.