Planning a babymoon can be difficult, as you obviously want to enjoy your pregnancy without all the stress associated with planning an event or holiday.

Once the baby arrives, it may be more difficult or more costly to get the chance to travel and have fun for a while. In cases like these, that is where the babymoon comes in.

A babymoon is worth the effort because it will make the transition to motherhood or fatherhood much smoother. Parents definitely deserve to have a stress-free period where they can reconnect and count down the day for their special little one.

What is a babymoon, though?

Babymoons are a way for couples to get away for a short period of time before their bundle of joy arrives!

It is an opportunity for new parents to spend quality time together and enjoy one last “hurrah” before becoming parents full-time.

Here are some tips for planning the best babymoon ever!

1) Plan your babymoon at least six months in advance

This sounds a little ridiculous, but when it comes to any trip, you’re going to want to try your best to plan everything as soon as possible.

It’s ideal that your babymoon is in the middle of your second trimester. This is usually when nausea and the pain go down.

Plus, the final trimester is when women feel the worst. So if you’re planning a babymoon, then make sure that it’s only in the second trimester.

2) Choose a destination that is close to home

In case if anything happens, it’s best to choose a location that is closer to home. While most babymoons happen in the first trimester, sometimes, pregnancies can be a little bit unpredictable.

3) Stay in luxury accommodations

Why not splurge a bit and treat yourself to something on the luxurious side?

Plus, the more luxurious accommodations are usually going to better accommodate pregnant women as well. You deserve to indulge during your babymoon, and luxury accommodations don’t always need to be expensive either.

Some ideal locations can include Greece, the coast of Spain, the south of France, and Portugal, but it’s really up to you.

4) Make sure you have easy access to medical care

It’s best not to stay at a resort that is secluded from everyone.

Instead, stay in a city where there is medical care. You can even opt into taking a cruise with a major cruise line; this alone is still going to guarantee you some medical care if anything were to happen to you.

In general, just make sure that you are selecting your location and your activities very wisely.

5) Bring along your essentials

For some babymoons, it’s the last family trip before the baby arrives.

So, if they’re not new at parenting, then they may bring their other little ones along to have some fun.

When traveling with little ones, especially toddlers, it may be best to buy pushchairs online. In general though, for everyone who is tagging along during the babymoon, just make sure all the essentials are packed.