Treat your man in style!

Valentines Day gifts for men are always difficult to decide on. Especially if that man is s stylish man, in which case, you’ll be stressing even more to find the perfect stylish Valentines Day gifts for men.

Luckily, I have put together this list of 5 stylish valentines day gifts for men, which should hopefully help you on your way.

From watches to bathrobes, here is my top 10 list:

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1. Lucleon Stainless Steel Dual Time Watch

lucleon watch

Trendhim is an award-winning men’s accessories brand established in 2007. They sell a luxurious range of mens accessories at a very affordable price.

The special man in your life will be thrilled to open a product from this brand – the packaging is almost as beautiful as the products themselves!

The Lucleon Stainless Steel Dual Time Watch is my favourite piece from Trendhim! The image above shows just how scrumptious the watch looks on a mans wrist.

You might be wondering why the watch is by Lucleon, but the brand is Trendhim? Well, I will explain:

Trendhim produce a huge range of 13 luxurious house brands – only available through them! Lucleon is one of their house brands.

The genuine soft brown leather strap works well with the durable stainless beautiful rose gold-tone stainless casing case and buckle.

I love the dual time option on this watch. The Lucleon Stainless Steel Dual Time Watch features 2 sub-dials – including one that even tracks the days of the week for you!

Your man has no excuse for being late or forgetting things now 😉

The core of the watch is formed with Precision Japanese movement and the watch bands feature quick-release pins, which make this watch the perfect choice for a man on the go, who also wants to look stylish wherever he goes.

After being sent this watch to review, I actually wore it myself. I had a crazy amount of compliments on it. People mentioned how sleek it looked on my wrist and how “fancy” it was with the rose gold casing. 

Lastly, yes…the below beautiful gift box is included when you purchase the watch.

lucleon watch

2. Luxury Lambs Wool or Cashmere Scarf


Women aren’t the only creatures to get cold.

The Polo Ralph Lauren Cold Weather SIGN IT Scarf is just one of thousands of styles of luxury scarves for men.

Scarves made from 100% lambs wool and cashmere are the warmest (and most comfortable) scarves you can get.

Send your guy out in style with this stylish valentines gift for men.

3. Lightweight Men’s Dressing Gown

mens gown

Men love to feel “fancy” (as do us women, I suppose).

Have you ever seen how “luxe” a man feels when wearing a gorgeous luxury dressing gown?

The elegant and lightweight Gatsby dressing gown in Persian blue has a bold paisley print and contrasting cuff piping.

Style. Style. Style.

100% natural Egyptian cotton and calf length, this dressing gown will set your guy up to feel like a King!

4. Ray-Ban Glasses


Pretty much everybody has heard of Ray-Bans by now. They are the staple of the sunglasses and glasses frame world!

The Clubmaster Classic sunglasses above are inspired by the 1950’s, timeless and retro.

These sunglasses in-particular are designed for the man who wants to lead – who wants to change their future! Available in both brown or black frames, these sunglasses also have a crystal green lens treatment and the statement Ray-Ban front corners .

5. Luxury Slippers

sorel slippers

Although you can buy mens “comfortable” slippers from many stores and supermarkets, there is nothing stylish or actually comfortable about them.

The inner-soles wear away too quickly, they lose their shape and they are not warm at all.

The Lanner Ridge Faux Shearling-Lined Suede Slippers by Sorel, from MR Porter really are luxury slippers!

Made from faux shearling and suede lining – and with durable rubber soles, these slippers are a lovely, thoughtful stylish valentines day gift for men. They will last for years and will add to your guys style, even when at home.


Hopefully, I have given you a few ideas for luxury stylish Valentines Day gifts for men. Of course, you should always shop around for the perfect gift, but these 5 will complete a lovely, relaxing day for that special man in your life.

Featured photo by Sarah Lucia of Life It Or Not. All others photos courtesy of the respective brands websites.

stylish valentines day gifts for men