Time To Get Interactive!

Why get a boring present for your kiddo when you can get interactive Christmas presents for kids? 

Other than (maybe!) birthdays, the most exciting time of year is almost here.

I think that sometimes we grown ups might actually be more excited than children to wake up to the wonders of Christmas Day!

That said though, shopping for Christmas can always be a bit stressful for parents and the grown ups in the family.

Everyone likes to get their presents early and to try to avoid the crazy shopping centres and crowds of people. Sometimes though, this is just unavoidable, no matter how hard you try.

But, we also tend to worry about how much the toys get used! A study recently revealed that the people of the UK spend a total of £700 million a year on unwanted presents!

And not surprisingly, approximately “£42 million of unwanted Christmas presents are thrown out in landfill each year.

That is why I have compiled this super simple list of interactive Christmas presents for kids. Don’t get them something they will get bored of, get something they will love, be interactive with and be able to use time and time again!

Most of these gifts are suitable for children between 5-10 years old, so have a looksie and see if there is anything you fancy. I have also made it even more easy for you by including all the links in here for you too.

All prices on this list were accurate at the time of writing. Some products in this guide were gifted and some links are affiliate links. However, all thoughts and views are my honest own opinion. For more info, feel free to check out my Disclosure page.

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1. Luxury Solid Wooden Quoits 

£19.99, Jaques


I loved this game so much as a child, that I just had to get it for my little lady this Christmas! Quoits is based on the traditional English game dating back hundreds of years.

Each point on the game base corresponds to a different score, with the middle being the highest.

Not only is this game fun, healthily competitive and good at teaching children to take turns, but it is also a great game to help children to use mathematics in their play…without even realising it! Yay!

Who will win? Will anyone be able to get their hoop over the middle pole? 

The Quoits by Jaques game comes complete with simple to follow instructions and can be played both inside and out.

Check out the rest of their high-quality wooden games here.

2. Moving Targets Shooting Game

£39.99, Amazon

moving shooting game

I actually love this game SO much! The moving targets pirate-themed shooting game comes with the target itself (110 x 42cm), 2 power popper guns (27 x 13.5cm) and 18 (EVA) soft foam balls in blue and orange (3 x 3cm).

Let your child play on their own to develop their hand-eye co-ordination, or join in (I know I would!). Reviews state that this target board moves well on some carpets, but not on thicker ones, so be mindful of this when you purchase the product.

The target does not have to move though. You can start on an easier level by keeping it static and then use the simple switch to get it to move left and right.

There is also the offer of a 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE incase there are any problems and you need to return it or exchange it for any reason.

3. 12 in 1 Multi Sports Gaming Table

£95 (was £140), Wilko

sports set

Why spend a fortune on a ton of different gaming tables for your child?

This 12-in-1 multi sports table offers a huge variety of games. All you need to do is simply swap the boards on the table top and play away! The fun will never stop with these games for every generation to join in with:

Football, Ping-Pong, Ice Hockey, Pool, Chess, Bowling/Skittles, Shuffleboard, Draughts, Backgammon, Ring toss, Horse shoe and Poker.

4. Up to 57% off 1000’s of Family Days Out with a £1 Kids Pass Trial

£1, KidsPass (Cancel anytime!)

Kids Pass

Try 30 days with Kids Pass for only £1 and get free entrance to thousands of attractions, adventure, aquariums, restaurants and more…Save all year round, direct from your phone.

30% off adults and child cinema tickets and up to 25% off family holidays and resorts.

If you decide you don’t find your Kids Pass worth it, just easily cancel your subscription at the end of your 30 days (I would suggest doing it on day 29 if you decide to cancel).

However, if you join the club and realise how awesome this package is, you can sign up for only £4.99 a month or £39.99 a year. Don’t forget though, you will save a ton of money and each Kids Pass covers an entire household!

5. Gelli Baff

£10.97, Amazon

gelli bath

Turn bath time into a fun play time! Turn the water into colourful goo (and the best bit…) and back again!

Gelli Baff is a super fun and unique way for kiddos to wash, and all is safe for your little ones sensitive skin.

They can enjoy this multi-sensory experience outside of the bath as well though. Simply add the goo to their normal sand pit – or even just a spare empty tub you have laying around.

6. Meet the Meerkats Experience

£49, BuyaGift

meet the meerkat

Enjoy a 2-for-1 close-encounter meerkat experience at location of your choice (handpicked by Buyagift).

You and your little one can get close and personal, holding the super cute meerkats and learn all about them! Learn how to tame the meerkats and how to play with them safely. 

This is the perfect Christmas present for kids who love animals and experience days out.

7. Christmas Crafts for Creative Kids

Up to 50% off (valid until 24.12.21), Craft Stash

craft drawers

Get up to 50% off the amazing Christmas craft sets and accessories at Craft Stash this December!

From foil pressing, stamping and puppet making, to LED craft lamps, craft desks and craft treat drawer bundles. Plus, you can get up to 65% off tons of other goodies. 

8. Charles Bentley Monster Skateboard Set

£35, Wilko

skateboard set

Does your child like being active and enjoy sports? How about giving them an awesome skateboard set that they won’t forget (and which also is very good value for money!

Yes, parents – this even comes with knee pads, elbow pads and the helmet – all for just £35?

Keep your kiddo safe while they play with this skateboard, which is ideal for beginners as well as experienced skaters. Suitable form ages 6+, let your child improve their balance and skateboarding skills with this bright, fun (and protective) skateboard!

9. LED Flashing Gloves and Shoelaces

£11.89, Amazon

With 6 colourful (and easy-to-change) flashing modes on the gloves and 3 modes on the shoelaces, these LED light up accessories are perfect for the little party-lovers in the family.

Modes include: rapid strobe, slow strobe, constant, green & blue light blink, red blink, orange & white light blink.

Great as either a main toy or stocking fillers, they can be used at any time of the year – not just for Christmas!

10. Elf Monopoly Board Game

elf monopoly

£32.99, Shop4World

Ok, so this might be more for the family on Christmas Eve than just for your kiddo, but just think about how much fun you can all have spending time together…arguing over who is going to be the banker and who has the most money! Yay! Haha.

If you are a fan of the classic Monopoly board game, you will love the Elf! version

With iconic characters, locations, and quotes, I’m sure this will bring a lot of joy to the festive cheer!


I hope these ideas for interactive Christmas presents for kids will help you make your kiddo’s Crimbo come true!

Featured photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

All others photos courtesy of the respective brands websites.