The Valentines Day Pamper Night Story

Do you have a woman in your life who loves a good pamper session? Yes? Or maybe, you are just looking for yourself? Either way, I’m guessing the lovely lady this post is written for would luuurvve a DIY pamper night on Valentines Day!

Most of us know someone like that to be honest – I know that I personally fall strongly into the category of a pamper princess!

To save you from doing all the difficult and tiring (and often very confusing) job of searching the internet for the perfect Valentines Day pamper gifts, I have created this list.

This is the perfect 7-step guide to the perfect DIY pamper night, including lovely gift ideas (with links and discount codes).

To make it even more enjoyable, this list is created in the order of a perfect pamper night, with a little storyline to help! Yay!

Imagine…set the scene, the scents, the atmosphere and then slowly drift into a beautiful night of pure pampering.

The woman you get these pamper products for will love you forever!

While you’re here, if you have kiddos to buy pressies for too, why not check out my post on the 10 Interactive Presents for Kids!

All prices on this list were accurate at the time of writing. Some links on this page are affiliate links. For more info, feel free to check out my Disclosure page.


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1. Set the atmosphere with OG&CO

Set the scene…The special lady can begin her pamper night by lighting a candle under some gorgeously scented wax melts, or by turning over her diffuser reeds and catching a whiff of her beautiful new room fragrance.

Diffusers, Wax Melts and Wax Burners: £16+

og and co diffuser

The diffusers and wax melts from OG&CO come in a HUGE variety of scents!

Hold on though…they’re not just your normal scents. You also have a choice of designer-inspired scents, including my fave (Black Opium), Gucci Guilty, Fendi and more.

So, rather than buying the special lady in your life a perfume that will cost you a wad, why not grab a pick ‘n’ mix from this list and she will have her entire house smelling like her favourite fragrance all day long.

I bought the 100ml Matte Black Basic Diffuser, with the Black Opium scent.

Not only did I get to smell my favourite fragrance all over my house, but I also love the fact that I was able to change a few things about my diffuser!

I could choose whether the top hat was gold or silver and whether I wanted tall or short (or black or white) reeds.

How long do you think my diffuser lasted? So far it has been around 4/5 months and it is still going strong 🙂

With the wax melts, you can get everything you need from OG&CO in one swoop – wax melts and the wax burner (in a variety of styles).

So, what are you waiting for? Check out OG&CO here.


2. Soak in a relaxing bath with Crystal Cole

…She runs a lovely bath under candlelight and climbs into the warm bath water. She slowly lowers her bath bombs into the water and watches, mesmerised as the vivid colours swirl amongst themselves and the bubbles fizz into a succulent soap.

Bath Bombs: £2.99+

crystal cole bath bomb

Available in a huge selection of 23 scents, the Crystal Cole Bath Bombs are gorgeous! They fizz and bubble more than most bath bombs I have tried before and they come wrapped in a beautiful, sleek packaging.

There are a ton of bath products to choose from at Crystal Cole, but these are my absolute faves!

Adding a super indulgent and fancy bath bomb (like those above) to a bath can make all the difference, rather than just using basic bath bubbles.

Check out Crystal Cole here.


3. Smooth and Soften with FFS

…After cleansing, the woman gently exfoliates, rinses and then rubs the FFS shaving balm into her skin. She releases the engraved rose gold razor from its holder and begins to have the BEST shave of her life!

Gift Sets: £13+

Get 25% OFF with the code ‘BBSL25’

FFS have a lovely selection of gift sets available on their website.

From starter shaving sets to the ideal gift set below, their shaving kits are incredible. The blades are diamond-coated and made from the best quality materials, to ensure a superior shave.

FFS don’t only offer shaving kits though. They also offer tanning and tanning accessory kits, facial hair removal strips, shampoo and conditioner bars (set in beautiful pastel colours), grooming sets for men and natural deodorants.



The FFS full shaving set is a complete 3-in-1 solution to your shaving experience. In my opinion, every woman in the world should have this set at home. This really is the ultimate pampering shave.

Bottle 1: The exfoliating pre-shave scrub buffs away dead skin cells and preps your skin before you shave.

Bottle 2: Shaving cream to use as you shave with your FFS razor.

Bottle 3: Post-shave shaving balm to calm and soothe your skin after your shave. No more shaving rash or razor burn.

In your gift set, you also receive a shower holder for your razor, a clamshell protector and carry travel pouch to keep your razor safe while you travel, and four (yes, FOUR!) spare Premium SmoothGlide razor blade heads.

The thing I love the most about this set is probably the razor itself, with its premium metal handle and the option of engraving it making it even better.

Although I really love the scrub and creams, I found the razor handle, weight and blades to be the best I have ever used.

The added Vitamin E lubrication strip on the razor blade head helps the blade glide effortlessly over the skin, making it the smoothest (and closest) shave ever.

Seriously, I could go on about it all day!


THE DELUXE GLOW GIFT SET FROM FFS (Awarded ‘Best Fake Tan’ by Global Make Up Awards 2021):

The Deluxe Glow Gift Set includes two shade options – a medium self-tanning mousse for a more subtle tan and a dark mousse for a more “holiday-looking” shade.

The mousses are infused with avocado and coconut fragrance, so you get a gorgeous and refreshing fruity smell, rather than the “icky” biscuit smell we have all come to hate.

Both mousses have a guide colour, which rinses off with water so you don’t get orange palms or streaks! Your developed tan shade will become visible within 4-6 hours.

Certified vegan, cruelty-free and derived from plant sources, the mousses are kind to all skin types and nourishes as you apply them.

Included in this gift set is the luxurious FFS velvet tanning mitt and exfoliating mitt. You also receive a back applicator (perfect for when you don’t have anyone to help you get to those areas that you can’t normally reach!) and a Kabuki brush to ensure easy application to your face and other awkward areas.

The FFS tan lasts for between 5-7 days and fades gradually and evenly (so, don’t exfoliate for 3 days after application). Be aware of this if you are tanning in preparation for a special event.

Check out FFS here.


4. Refresh your hair with Holly Blakeley

…At the end of her luxurious bath, the woman massages her ‘Relax Me’ shampoo and conditioner into her flowing hair and says, “Ahhhh…” as she feels the refreshing and soothing effects on her scalp.

‘Relax Me’ Shampoo and Conditioner: £12.95+

Holly Blakeley

Holly Blakeley is a luxurious hair salon based in Bexhill, UK.

Luckily for us though, Holly also runs a website where her loyal customers as well as excited new customers can find the products she uses and sells in her salon.

The branded Holly Blakeley ‘Relax Me’ Shampoo and Conditioner is completely free from yucky sulphates, SLS, SLES, Parabens and artificial fragrances, and features the well-known relaxing lavender oil, geranium oil, aloe vera juice and only 100% naturally derived ingredients.

So, the special lady you buy this set for can be sure that she is only putting high quality, safe and luxurious ingredients in her hair.

Having used Holly Blakeley’s shampoo and conditioner before, I can say from first-hand experience that her products are very high quality and really do feel very lovely when you use them. My scalp and hair was left feeling refreshed, soft and smelling absolutely incredible!

Check out Holly Blakeley here.


5. Give your face some love with FerBeauty Boutique

…Out of the bath and feeling clean, refreshed, smooth and sitting in her living room which, by now smells incredible, the woman opens her Mini Home Spa Box. She mixes the green face mask and applies it to her face in smooth and gentle motions. After 10 minutes, she washes off the mask and rubs the oil on her face as a moisturiser to complete the glow.

Mini Home Spa Box: £14.50


FerBeauty is a lovely small female-owned boutique business based in the UK. All products are handmade to order and are 100% organic, natural, vegan and cruelty free.

The mini home spa box includes 2x 3.3g powder face masks in biodegradable bags, a 2ml mini glass bottle of face oil and simple to understand instructions for the face mask and oil.

You can even add a cute little personalised note to this soothing and refreshing duo.

The face mask ingredients include only the natural ingredients of aloe vera, avocado, moringa, oats, chamomile, geranium rose essential oil.

The facial oil ingredients include rosehip, avocado, moringa, jojoba and prickly pear oils.

Check out FerBeauty Boutique here.


6. Relax with a CBD-inflused hot chocolate from Our Remedy

…With her whole cleanse and body / face treats complete, the woman gets out her fave book / TV show and sits down to let it all go and completely relax with her scrumptious mug of hot chocolate, marshmallows and CBD oil to really chill her out.

Hot Chocolate Gift Box: £14.50

Get 10% off your order with the code ‘SARAH10OFF’

Nothing sounds more cosy on than cuddling up on the sofa with super smooth legs, refreshed hair and skin, a gorgeously scented living room and a warm mug of hot chocolate.

unless, you add some marshmallows, a mountain of whipped cream and a few drops of Our Remedy CBD Oil! Yum!

Choose between 500mg or 1000mg strength and two flavours of CBD oil:

Moon Swings – Peppermint and Clary Sage

Pretty Peaceful – Lavendar, Orange and Geranium

Check out Our Remedy here.


7. Sleep easy with Sleep Dreamz 

…Time for bed. The woman has had a fantastic pamper night, all thanks to you. She spritzes a few sprays of her sleep spray onto her pillow or around the room and quickly drifts off to the land of nod. She dreams about the next time you will treat her to another wonderful DIY Pamper Evening.

Soothing Sleep Spray: £7.99

sleep spray

Help your special lady to have sweet dreams on her pamper evening.

The lavendar scented Soothing Sleep Spray pillow mist by Sleep Dreamz helps you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Gentle and floral woody notes of lavendar, rose geranium, cypress, eucalyptus and sandalwood make for the perfect blend to soothe and relax for a restful night.

After a wonderfully relaxing evening of pampering herself, the lucky lady can wake up feeling refreshed, energised and ready to tackle her day.

The natural essential oils in this sleep spray will keep her comfortable in her sleep, with no harsh chemicals like many other sleep sprays.

Check out Sleep Dreamz here.


Photo by Monstera from Pexels

All others photos courtesy of the respective brands websites.