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Trying to quit smoking takes determination and motivation, which is hard for anyone to come by when addicted.

But what if it wasn’t just about quitting?

What if you could change your habits and lifestyle to make this process easier?

This post talks about some uncommon ways people have quit smoking so that you can find your way out of addiction.

Take It Slow

When trying to recover from smoking addiction, it’s not always advisable to go cold turkey. Instead, loosen up bit by bit until you can stop smoking entirely.

One excellent way to do this is to substitute actual cigarettes with vapes.

The beauty of this is you use calming and less harmful products such as the CBD E Liquid, which will ultimately help you eliminate the urge for nicotine.

However, you shouldn’t use vapes or other substitutions as your relief every time – the goal is to control your urges and not swap one addiction for another.

So, please be careful with substitution.

A Workplace Challenge

A workplace challenge is a way of quitting an addiction and replacing it with another, less harmful addiction in the same environment.

This affects human psychology because it provides distractions from thoughts about cigarettes when you cannot smoke them at work because of prohibition, or they’re just out of reach. 

There can be more peer pressure among employees who have chosen not to smoke, motivating those considering quitting even further.

The benefits range from increased productivity levels and decreased absenteeism rates, all without having any detrimental effects. 

Get a New Hobby

Some people have found that their new hobby can help them to quit smoking.

Finding something you are passionate about or a project that needs your attention is empowering and helps deter urges for an unhealthy activity such as nicotine use. 

You may find it helpful to start small with manageable projects like planting some flowers in the garden or joining a book club.

Don’t overcompensate yourself; instead, let loose and enjoy life’s little joys.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to keep yourself busy and distracted while adjusting to life without cigarettes. 

Candy and Mantras

Some people turn to candy and mantras as a way of coping with addiction and when trying to quit smoking.

The trick is finding the right mantra that will work for you, one not too similar to what your inner voice might say when you are in an addict state of mind. 

Furthermore, mantras can also help alleviate stress on days where there seems to be no end in sight due to overwhelming demands at home, school, or work.

A good rule of thumb is if you start feeling overwhelmed, which is often a precursor to an addict relapse, then it’s time for you to use these calming mantras.


In conclusion, there are many ways to quit smoking.

Your choice will depend on your individual needs and circumstances, but one thing is for sure: quitting takes time! 

So be patient with yourself, be kind to others, take it day by day, and know that you’re not alone in this journey!

Photo by lilartsy from Pexels