Put your stamp on it!

Building your own family home is one of the greatest joys of adult life. It always feels amazing when you can put your own stamp on your house and have some form of family decor.

When decorating a family home to impress, there are so many different considerations to make as well as fun ideas to try.  

As a parent, creating a fun and warm home for your kids is always the aim and with these simple tips, you’ll be able to bring your house to life. 

Five Simple Tips

Create a candid gallery 

Using family photography for your home family decor is always a great way to add your stamp to the space.

Whether it be a family portrait, random holiday snaps, or those monumental moments – there is always something special about having photos at home.

Pick a blank wall, or use the wall up the stairs and create a gallery of fun photos from your family life.

Candid shots in particular will capture the beauty of your life together and it can be a wonderful way to show off the ones you love. 


Make use of soft furnishings 

When you have kids you should make sure you have plenty of soft surfaces for when they run around and jump in the house.

Cushions and blankets are a brilliant way to breathe life into a bed or your seating. By using these as a design element to the room, it will also serve more than one purpose.

For example, a grey sofa would look amazing with some bright yellow cushions. They can even be used by the kids when they build forts in the living room.

Practical and pretty is always best. 


Hang pictures on the fridge 

Kids are creative little souls.

They will spend a lot of time coming up with fun drawings of family as well as landscapes.

To really brighten up your kitchen, start hanging these pictures on your fridge and show the world that your home is a warm family space filled with love and colour. 


Make a colourful wall calendar 

When you have a busy family who all have their own jobs, appointments, and activities to attend, a great way to keep things organised is with a family wall calendar.

Grab yourself a huge piece of card and start creating colourful calendar for each month that has room for each of your family members as well as their activities and commitments.

This way, everyone always knows what is going on and you can add fun events like trips to the zoo and theme parks in for everyone to get excited by! 


Display figurines 

Fun figurines such as Funko Pops are a great way to decorate a shelf in your living room.

Let everyone in the family choose 1-2 characters they love, and gather these all on the shelves for a fun little display.

This will show everyone what your family loves and it will also get the kids involved in some fun and creative family decor planning.

Photo by Squared.one on Unsplash