As someone who has spent around 20 years around extra loud noise, went on 14 airplanes in one year and is a single mummy to a little lady who very much enjoys making noise, I have gone through my fair share of earplugs.

All of them disposable and terrible for the environment!

I was lucky enough to be gifted two packs of Loop earplugs just before Christmas. The Loop earplugs earplugs were named by The New York Times as the best earplug of 2020.

Unfortunately, I started to get Covid symptoms on the day I received the earplugs and ended up having Long Covid.

It was terrible timing, as I was unable to write my review in time for Christmas and I truly believe that these earplugs would have been the perfect pressie for:

  • Travel bugs
  • Concert lovers
  • Motor enthusiasts
  • Parents
  • Students
  • People who work around loud noises
  • People who just need to relax and focus
  • So yeah, pretty much everyone!

Keep reading to find out just why I believe the Loop Earplugs really are the best earplugs I have ever worn in the past 20 years!

Look and Feel

loop earplugs

The Loop earplugs are designed with a unique, high end fashion ring shaped design that fits really snug and comfortably inside your ear.

They are specifically designed to filter sound but not block it – making them perfect for people in the above named groups.

This attractive design, along with the organically shaped earbuds are so comfortable that many customers (including myself) have said that they forgot they were even wearing them.

Being the ONLY earplugs made from 100% silicone, the Loop earplugs are so soft that I was able to lie on my pillow and roll over, move around etc. without having to readjust the earplugs.

They also come in 3-4 different sizes, from extra small to large, meaning that they are guaranteed to fit all ear sizes!

Unlike many other earplugs I have tried in the past, these earplugs stay in place. 

They don’t create those super annoying problems of slipping out of your ears when you move position or put your glasses or a hoodie on etc.



As you probably already know, sustainability is a huge focus in the fashion world at the moment.

The Loop earplugs are reusable, so are a fabulous sustainable solution to the traditional disposable earplugs that I have used in the past.

They are also washable, which is great for the hygiene conscious user.

All earplugs from the Loop brand come with a lifetime warranty, so if you have any problems with yours you can get it sorted nice and easy with the customer service team.

Loop Quiet Earplugs

loop quiet

The Loop Quiet earplugs reduce noise by 30 decibels and cost only £13.95 for the whole pack!

They are perfect for people who want a better nights sleep without distraction.

They are also suitable for travellers as they reduce sound, without blocking it out. You can have a conversation with someone, but you won’t have to hear the engine on a plane or the tracks as loudly on a train when travelling.

As a parent, I have found the Loop Quiet earplugs particularly handy when my kiddo is “making music” on her toy instruments!

I can hear her voice and the instruments and talk to her normally.

It’s not like I’m blocking her out, lol…but they enable me to reduce the amount of noise that I can hear.

(…They are also a Godsend for reducing my headaches during any unexpected tantrums!) 

The Loop Quiet earplugs are also fantastic for those who would like to reduce general noise when trying to focus or relax, such as students and people with productivity problems.

Included in the box

  • Two Loop Quiet earplugs
  • Three spare silicone tip sets in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large)
  • Three spare foam tip sets in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large)
  • Compact leather keychain carry pouch to keep your earplugs safe while out and about

Loop Experience Earplugs

loop experience earplugs

The Loop Experience earplugs reduce noise by 20 decibels and cost £21.95 for the entire pack!

These earplugs are created more for those who will be around louder noises. 

For those people who want to be able to hear with complete clarity, but have the higher end and loudest noises softened.

The Loop Experience earplugs can help to prevent long term health conditions, such as lifelong noise damage to your ears.

  • Sports enthusiasts, particularly motor-vehicle fans and motorcyclists will find these earplugs fantastic! 
  • Workmen/women, such as those who use power tools that are extremely loud.
  • Musicians who regularly wear loud headphones or who are often around loud music and speakers / clubs etc.
  • People who like the nightlife and spending time in clubs, at concerts and in louder environments

Included in the box

  • Two Loop Experience earplugs
  • Four spare silicone tip sets in four sizes (Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large)
  • Round plastic keychain carry case to keep your earplugs safe while out and about


This post was sponsored by the Loop brand, but all thoughts and views are my own real opinions.