Are you thinking of getting a family pet? 

One of the most exciting additions you could add to your growing family is a family pet.

You can have many happy memories with them throughout the years…but are you ready for what is about to come? 

This question is one of the first things that you should ask yourself before taking the leap and bringing a new pet home.

You also need to think about what type of pet you want. 

This, of course, depends on a few factors, including your personal preferences, budget and the space you have to accommodate them (e.g. you’ll need internal stables or external ones for a horse). 

However, those are not the only things you must consider. Read on to see what other important things you will need to think about…

The Commitment

This might sound obvious, but it is definitely worth a mention! Have you heard the saying, “a pet is for life, not just for Christmas”?

Pets are a lot of commitment – especially cats and dogs.

So you and your family need to be ready for the responsibility of owning a new pet. 

No matter what type of pet you get, you’ll need to feed them every day, give them fresh water and show them affection. 

Being something that the whole family needs to take responsibility for, it is vital that you do not neglect your pet.


What You Need to Buy

Pets can be very expensive. 

You will need an aquarium for fish or a tank for a lizard or snake. 

If thinking of buying a reptile, you will likely also need a heat pad and power source for the tank to keep the animal warm and comfortable. 

Not only do you have to pay for them initially, but you’ll also need to budget for the associated costs with getting them.

Associated costs might include things such as a hutch/cage/dog or cat bed, food, treats, any toys that you want to buy for them etc. 

These costs can quickly ramp up, depending on the pet that you get – so make sure you work out how much it will set you back beforehand.

family pet single mum

How It Fits Into Your Lifestyle 

You might want to think twice about getting a pet that requires more care – such as a dog, cat or horse. 

Otherwise, over time, they might develop behavioural problems due to the isolation.

If you have to work long hours or your kids are at school all day, you are constantly doing things on weekends or you travel a lot, then getting a pet might not be the best idea for your right now.


A Pet-Friendly Home

Yet again, if you are thinking of getting a puppy or a kitten, you need to make your home pet friendly. 

Just like you would if you had a new baby. Baby-proof / pet-proof your house.

This involves moving any hazardous plants, curtain cords, electric cords and any valuables you don’t want to get destroyed. 

Although this might seem a little extreme, it ensures that your new pet is safe and that your house doesn’t pay the price for their playful attitude!


Be Ready For an Adjustment Period 

When you first get your pet, there may be a time when they are settling in and adjusting to you and your family. 

This is completely normal. 

Although it will pass over time, it is something that you should be prepared for. 

Try and make your new pet as welcome as possible and make sure you conduct thorough research into their behaviours before you bring them home. 

This will help you to know what to expect. 


What pet are you thinking of getting for your family? Comment below!

Images: VisionPic .net and Jonathon Borba from Pexels