Is your Summer wardrobe ready?

As the cold months start to thaw and give way to the sunshine of the upcoming spring and summer, we often need to make preparations to fully get ready.

This is both felt in our new sense of motivation, but also our attitude. Of course, perhaps the best way to positively influence your attitude is to sort out your summer wardrobe at this time.


If you feel good, you look good.

If you look good, you feel good.

Yet it might have been some time since you shopped exclusively for a season. Many of us often come across the clothes we wear quite naturally, be that through an impromptu shop or through picking up the essentials we need.

However, when we begin throwing out some of our ‘last decade’ clothes and starting to re-line our wardrobe, many of us easily spend WAY more than we had anticipated!

With that in mind, it is important to try and develop the best possible summer wardrobe going forward.

For that, we have some handy pointers to help you on your journey.

First one?

Be sure to have fun!

Grab The Essentials

Grab the essentials that are the most important to you.

For instance, Undywear allows you the chance to better understand which leggings to buy for a range of activities. They ensure that you are topped up with undergarments so that no matter what, your basics are covered.

Additionally, you may wish to adhere to the extra skincare routines that help you feel well-groomed and confident in your skin.

Be that cocoa body butter, moisturiser, skincare items, makeup items or even treating yourself to an influencer makeup palette! Yay!

The more confident you feel, the better your approach will be.

Theme A Number Of Confident Outfits

It is worth enjoying the process of putting outfits back together again, bit by bit.

You may decide to use online look-books as inspiration. Or you might just browse a local vintage store to help you put together something you feel confident in.

You might even take inspiration from looks you have tried in the past – only tweaked to your own, new style.

An orbiting point around which your outfits may follow can be a great idea to implement, such as trying a new hairstyle or dying your hair for the first time in years.

Whatever makes you feel confident is absolutely valid.



Try Something New!

Trying something new can, in effect, completely help you take a vital and vibrant look at your current potential and help you to feel better than you ever have.

For example, you may never have worn hats as a regular outfit staple before.

But, this time you feel as though you could work it. I mean, why not?

Maybe you would like to try out a different tint of jewellery shade, or wear more or less of it. Perhaps you have been wanting to experiment with letting your gorgeous natural freckles shine!

Whatever you find that helps you theme your outfits, and add to them, is a worthwhile addition to your wardrobe.

Even if that is just a brand new attitude to flaunt 🙂

With this advice, go ahead and have a peek inside your wardrobe.

What will YOU do first to welcome in the new Summer fun of fashion?



Images: Artem Beliaikin and Burst from Pexels