I have partnered with Sincerely Silver to share a unique and beautifully crafted piece of jewellery with you!

When I first heard of ‘Sincerely Silver’ personalised jewellery, I did not expect to receive such a beautifully unique and elegant piece in the post a few days later.

After scrolling through the many gorgeous pieces featured on the Sincerely Silver website, I spotted two pieces that I thought would represent me perfectly. I then had the very difficult decision of having to whittle it down to only one piece.

Although I have wanted to own a unique piece of personalised jewellery for a long time, I hadn’t found anywhere that could produce something that really spoke to me.

Until now…


sincerely silver

This was the piece of jewellery I was gifted with. The piece I have chosen to write this post about.

Check out the beautiful jewellery collections offered by Sincerely Silver.

Available for only $65 or £52.22, this solid sterling silver piece can be personalised with any song, voice or audio of your choice. Create a special message for you or a loved one to wear with pride and love.

The Sincerely Silver website gives fabulous ideas for personalisation, such as:

  • Your favourite song
  • Your first dance song with your spouse
  • A recording of a loved one reading a poem or wedding vows
  • Someone saying, “I love you.”

The ‘Vertical Sound wave’ necklace is actually imprinted with the sound wave of your recording! This necklace even includes a space below the sound wave to add some special words too.


MY Sound Wave Necklace

Being a musician since the age of 7 and a Music Teacher for almost a decade, sound plays an incredible part in my life!

Ironically, my 2.5 year old daughter was actually born partially deaf. She wears a hearing aid in one ear. Sound literally has an influence over so much in my families lives too.

For my necklace, I recorded my 2.5 year old daughter (on my phone) saying, “I love you mummy“. I excitedly sent it off to get printed onto my necklace.

I also chose to have the words, “I Love You Mummy xXx” imprinted below the sound wave on my necklace.

Although these words are printed very small, I actually LOVE that!

It is a little added extra that means so much to me. As it features the sound wave of my tiny daughters voice, I personally think the size of the necklace and the writing featured on it is perfectly fitting.

This was a fun process to record, as she kept giggling half way through or saying it too quiet or too loud! Haha! I used the voice recorder on my phone to record a few attempts and then used the same voice recorder software to chop it down. 

You can do this on almost all smartphones these days. You should not have any problem recording your favourite sound wave and cutting it down to size.

If you are not able to take a recording to send off, you can just tell them the words or piece of audio you would like and they can get the sound wave for you.

Just under one week later (as it was coming to the UK from the US), I received this beauty in the post! 

I have not stopped wearing it!


The elegance of this necklace is amazing and it fits beautifully around my neck and rests perfectly above my chest – right next to my heart.

It is dainty and neat, beautifully engraved and clearly made with love.

So…if you are looking for a completely customisable piece of jewellery, look no further.

Sincerely Silver really is a wonderful place to order your once in a lifetime gift of love.


Thank you SS!