Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby!!

Sorry…I just get overly happy for pregnant women these days (thats motherhood for ya!)

If you have seen my post What Not to Buy for a Newborn, you will know that there are a ton of things that new parents spend…sorry, waste money on because we are told we NEED to buy them!

Well, this list tells you all the essential things that you really DO need to buy for your newborn – and some things that you might want to buy for yourself too.

All of the things on this list (apart from the pram and car seat) are from Amazon and are the cheapest of good quality options available.

Being a new mum doesn’t have to break the bank TOO much!

The reason for them all being from Amazon is to make things easier for you.This makes it SUPER easy for you to get all of your shopping for your newborn baby from one place!

Just work your way through this list of 52 things that you should buy for your newborn baby (and some necessities for yourself!) and stick them all in your Amazon shopping bag as you go.

Done. No stress.

All orange text is a clickable link!

How simple is that? No work even needed. You already have enough to do as a pregnant mumma, so I’m here to help 🙂 

No need to traipse around the shops (except for when getting the big things like the pram and car seat etc.) and baby clothes (they’re so fun to buy that you will want to buy these in person!)


If you buy one of the products through a link on this page, I get a (very small) commission. It doesn’t cost you a penny more, and every penny I make through these affiliate links helps me to keep this blog up and running. For more info, feel free to check out the Disclosure.

What to Buy for a Newborn Baby!



General Essentials

1. Pram that works with your lifestyle needs


One of the most obvious – but also most important pieces of advice that I can give you as a new parent is…

REALLY look carefully (and test out) a wide selection of prams!

You should look at your necessities in life and choose what factors are most important for you when buying your pram.


  • Is it light or heavy to push?
  • Is there good storage space?
  • Are there any little zip pockets for you to put your essentials (phone, keys etc.)?
  • Is it easily cleanable?
  • Does it have a foot muff or anything to provide extra-warmth inside the carrier?
  • Is the hood big enough to keep sun off baby?
  • Do you need to pay for extras or is it all included?

I was given my first pram as a gift.

The Silvercross Wayfarer was – and still is, an amazing pram! It is sturdy (good for London), has fantastic storage space underneath the pram and is easy to manouvre.

The top of the pram and the footmuff kept Squidge toast warm in the colder months and I also bought the matching bag to go with the pram.

The second pram I bought myself. My reason for buying a second pram is that my needs changed. We were flying out of the country a lot.

The BabyZen YoYo is GENIUS! I mean it! Squidge and I have been on 14 aeroplanes this year and the YoYo has been allowed to come into the CABIN with me on every single flight, except one!

It was designed to fit into an overhead cabin and is so lightweight that it feels flimsy, but is actually very sturdy.

It has managed the cobbly streets of Venice, the sandy grounds of Mallorca and the rough grounds of Greece!

And, now that we are about to go to Prague, we can finally put on the footmuff again to keep her all toasty warm so I don’t have to worry about her getting too cold while we wander around the Christmas Markets!


2. Car seat

car seatEven if you don’t have a car, you will definitely need one of these!

If you are one to only ever get public transport that is fine, but think about the future. Will you need to get into a car at any point in the next 2-3 years?

If the answer is yes, it is worth spending the extra money on a decent – SAFE car seat.

To save you some cash though, many pushchair retailers also sell a matching car seat or one that goes with the pushchair set (see above).

Think also about how you will be getting baby home after the birth. Will you need a car seat then?


3. Moses Basket

moses basketThe cot is great once your baby has outgrown their moses basket.

Before then though (for probably the first couple of months), it is a good idea to put them in a moses basket where they can feel snuggled and cosy.

Being put into a giant cot can be scary and uncomfortable for some babies, so the moses basket is a lovely start to the world of slumber.

Another great thing about moses baskets is that you can keep baby with you in the living room with you rather than having them in the bedroom all the time.

Babies sleep a lot. It might make YOU feel more comfortable to have your little one close to you when they sleep at first.

This moses basket is cheap and includes the mattress AND quilt (although you might only want the quilt in the pram)!


4. Cot or Crib (and mattress)

cotThere are so many cots and cribs on the market that it can be more stress than fun choosing the right one for you.

However, the one thing I would say is you should get a cot with one side that can be lowered. 

This is one of my biggest regrets!

Now Squidge is almost ready for her toddler bed, but I would MUCH prefer to leave her in the cot and just take one side down.

Unfortunately, against everyones advice, I bought a cot where the sides can’t come down. Gutted!


5. Cot bed sheets

cot sheetsObviously, your child needs a bottom sheet to lay on.

The link I have provided above gives a selection of sheets because, of course, manufacturers have to be awkward and make everything in different sizes!

Measure your cot to see the ideal size for sheets and go from there.

You should be able to safely tuck the sheets in so they can’t get untucked or loose at night.


6. Waterproof Bed sheets

waterproof cot sheetsAlmost as important (maybe even more, actually) than the actual cot bed sheets is the waterproof sheets that you should put underneath the main bottom sheet. 

Your newborn WILL do an explosive poop in the bed and at some point they WILL leak through the sheets.

Buy a few of these!

I had 2 in the wash one day and the unexpected happened while my girl was napping in her cot!

Hmmm, didn’t think I would need the waterproof sheet just for the 30 minutes that she was napping…I guess I learned the hard way!


7. Cellular blankets

cellular blanketsThese blankets are so cute to wrap your baby in and very safe to do it too. They are made of breathable cotton so if the blanket does happen to slip over baby’s face, they are still able to breathe.

The “cell” construction traps air to keep your baby warm in the winter and cool during the warmer months!

Ideally, you should only really wrap baby in a swaddling blanket at home and lightly cover them with this if it is very cold.

It is better to layer them up while they are so young, as blankets – even Cellular ones pose a higher risk of SIDS.


8. Swaddling blankets

swaddling sheetsA swaddling blanket is a safer way to keep a baby warm, snug and cosy – whether in winter or summer.

They easily and comfortably wrap around your baby and give them the sensation of being cuddled.

Comfy or what?!


9. Bouncy chair

bouncy baby chairThis bouncy chair is fab!

It has a removable toy bar with two little animals that baby can bat at while chilling in his/her chair. It takes up to 25 pounds (just to make that clearer, my daughter is just reaching 25 pounds now and she is very nearly 2 years old).

So, you should get a good use out of it.

This chair also vibrates and is machine washable (as most of these types of chairs are).

One reason I always loved the bouncy chair so much is that it was somewhere my Squidge could sit comfortably within my eyeline while I went to the toilet or did the washing up etc.


10. Baby monitor

baby monitorUnless you intend to ALWAYS be in the same room as your newborn, you will need a baby monitor.

Whether you are having a bath or watching your fave show on the TV while baby is in the bedroom sleeping, a baby monitor helps to keep your mind at rest.

You can hear every peep and movement your baby makes.

If you are willing to splash some extra case, some baby monitors even come with cameras on them too, like this baby monitor.


11. Baby thermometer

baby thermometerI probably overused mine, but I never regretted it for a second!

You WILL need a thermometer to check on baby after vaccinations, during colds, when they obviously have a temperature or when they get ill.

Don’t leave this until your baby is ill.

A normal temperature in babies is about 36.4C (97.5F). A fever is usually 38C (100.4F) and above.

Have a baby thermometer in your nappy bag or on-hand at all times incase you just need to check.

Thermometers that are inserted into the rectum, into the ear or under the armpits are better than the colour-changing forehead ones.


12. Nightlight

nightlightThe idea of a nightlight is not to help babies sleep because they’re scared of the dark. Newborns don’t really know about “scared” yet.

The main point of a night light (or even just a lamp with a really dim light) is to help soothe baby back to sleep when he or she wakes up for a nighttime feed or nappy change.

One thing that is almost guaranteed to completely wake your sleeping beauty or prince is a big bright light when they are half-asleep and just want some numnums or a clean bum.

There are some colourful night lights and ones that project shapes or stars onto the ceiling. 

Here is a selection of lovely colourful and soothing night lights.


13. Baby carrier

baby carrierThese are not for everyone. 

But, they are absolutely amazing for some!

Being able to do chores, shopping, travel, meet friends etc. – everything and anything that you can think of is made easier by the baby carrier. 

No longer will you need to watch three trains pass you before you and the pram can fit onto one. No longer will you have to struggle to push the pram and hold onto an umbrella at the same time.

Baby carriers are handy for carrying your little one around, meaning you have both hands free. They are also known to make baby feel closer to you – sharing your body warmth and tender touch.

Being able to smell you and have you right there when they need you.

This is probably one of the biggest things I wish I had invested in…gutted I didn’t!


14. Changing Bag

changing bagMost prams actually have the option of adding a matching changing bag when you buy them.

However, not all do, so you might have to get a separate one. 

Whichever changing bag you get, make sure it has sections to it, for ease of speed!

To make it clear just how important a nappy bag is, I used to collect fancy bags…that was my “thing”. Since giving birth, I have bought myself ONE bag! I’m almost always with Squidge and that bag comes absolutely everywhere with us. 

Do not leave the house without it, as it will be where you keep all your necessities (everything in the “changing” list below!)


15. Maternity pads for mum

maternity padsI NEVER realised how many of these I would need!!!

The hospital staff told me to buy some “extra thick” ones and to put TWO on in a row on my undies because I would bleed so heavily for a few days.

For me, my bleeding lasted around 2 weeks!

These came in very handy.




Feeding Essentials

This section is a pick-n-mix really. The selection you choose completely depends on if you are breastfeeing, if you will be pumping some milk into bottles or if you are using formula milk.

1. Dreamgenii pillow

dreamgenii pillowMy brother got me this and I still use it now for sleeping comfortably at night!

This pillow is so helpful for the mothers comfort and for safety with the bump. It helps you to lie on your left side (the best position when pregnant) but also allows you to wrap the pillow around you when feeding baby.

If you are breastfeeding, I would say, don’t waste your money on a breastfeeding chair…just grab yourself one of these!

Honestly, I can’t even say how much I love this pillow in words.

Get it for yourself and you’ll understand!

With its specially designed shape, this pillow really is the Dream Genii.


2. A complete bottle feeding set!

bottle feeding setThis set by Tommee Tippee contains everything you will need for your bottle feeding routine.

  • 1 x Electric steam steriliser
  • 4 x 260 ml/9 floz feeding bottles with slow flow teats
  • 4 x 150 ml/5 floz feeding bottles with slow flow teats
  • 1 x Electric bottle warmer
  • 6 x Milk powder dispenser
  • 1 x Bottle brush
  • 2 x Medium flow teats
  • 1 x 0-6 m dummy (pacifier)
  • 2 x Insulated bottle bags
  • 1 x Teat tongs
  • 1 x Instruction leaflet


3. Formula (if not breastfeeding)

If you choose not to or cannot breastfeed, you will need to buy formula for your baby to eat (well, drink!)

There are many options to choose from depending on the country you are in. They all do the same thing when it comes down to it, but some claim to have better effects than others.

Read reviews and speak to parents you know to see what other people recommend. Personally, I used Cow and Gate.


4. 1-2 packs of muslin cloths

In my post What Not to Buy for a Newborn I mentioned that I wasted a good few quid on these.

Everyone told me I would need loads so I bought about 10 packs…seriously!

You should definitely get one pack – two at a push, but I would suggest you keep it at that.

Muslin cloths are great for wiping up milk, drool, vomit etc. and save you having to go through rolls and rolls of tissue. They are also nice and soft so you can wipe the messes off your little ones face without worrying about making them sore.


If you are breastfeeding

5. Breast pads (Whether you are breastfeeding or not, you will probably need these)

6. Nursing bras (Amazingly helpful!) Mothercare does some brilliant tops as well as bras that can be easily unclipped for quick, feeding while still maintaining your dignity.

7. Nipple cream

8. Breast pump (I would suggest getting an electric pump. The hand pumps get VERY tiring!)

9. Nipple shields (You might need these if baby is a gummy one!)


What to Buy for a Newborn Baby!

What to buy when expecting a baby


Changing / Cleaning Essentials

baby cleaning

1. LOTS of nappies / diapers

Have a few packs of nappies ready, based on the size your baby is expected to be (normally size 1 or tiny size).

A newborn baby poops an average of 5 times a day, but you will need to change their nappy every few hours to minimise the risk of a nappy / diaper rash!


2. Nappy cream

Sudocrem is the main cream to use at EVERY nappy change in the UK.

Metanium is my favourite for rashes. The white one is a “barrier cream” that you can use instead of Sudocrem and the yellow one is the one you use when baby actually has a sore bum area.


3. Changing mat

A changing mat that you can easily chuck on the floor is safer than the changing tables you might see.

They also only cost a tiny amount compared to their fancy cash-splashing alternatives!

Adding a towel underneath your babys bum is a lovely way to take away some of the “cold” of the mat from their sensitive skin.

This is a nice changing mat for if you are on a budget.

This is a great changing mat if you have a bit more cash to splash.


4. Soft-hooded towels

These are practical, allowing you to wrap up baby after the bath and cover their head to keep the heat in.

They are also VERY cute!

Here are a selection of some awesome hooded towels!


5. Washing powder

Get a washing powder with no added scents etc. for baby.

I would strongly suggest that you either buy baby their own washing powder or only use that one type for all your washes.

Don’t go using your own “grown up” washing powder on baby as it might be too harsh on their sensitive skin!


6. Stain remover

One of the best stain removers I have ever used is called Napisan

It literally got rid of EVERYTHING!


7. Baby bath seat

As I mentioned in What Not To Buy A Newborn, those horrible slippery plastic baths are just dangerous!

The plug gets in the way and it is just…ugh!

One like this is MUCH better!

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather Caterpillar with Toybar

  • 3-position backrest recline
  • Integral cushioned head rest
  • Toy bar with two removable toys help entertain baby
  • Folds compact for storage and travel
  • Removable, machine washable, quick dry fabric


8. Baby nail clippers / emery board

Or you could just use your teeth?

Sounds rank, but it’s what parents used to do in the old days if they didn’t have baby nail clippers.

…It isn’t always easy trying to get your baby to sit still when chopping those soft tiny nails!

NOTE: Always remember to cut nails “flat”. Don’t try to shape the nail on the edges as this can lead to painful ingrown nails!


9. Cotton wool pads

When baby is first born, you are unlikely to use wetwipes.

Cotton wool PADS (NOT balls – they fall apart!) and warm water are the best for nappy changes.

They are also much softer than wetwipes.

10. Top-and-tail bath set

Before you start putting baby in his/her bath seat (like the one above), you will be “top and tailing” them. Normally for the first few days-weeks, depending on how they take to the water.

This is where you use a top-and-tail bath bowl with 2 sections to clean the top half and the bottom half separately.

You don’t want to be using the same water for their cute little faces that you are using for their bottoms!

When doing these wash-downs, you simply get your cotton wool pads and place your baby on the changing mat (with a towel underneath)


11. 10-12 Bibs

You will need bibs…LOTS of bibs!

Every time you breastfeed baby or give them their bottle, they will spit some up and will probably even throw up a little afterwards (don’t worry, this is actually normal).

12. Perfumed nappy bags (you don’t have to suffer!)

My daughter has just turned 2-years old and I STILL invest in some lovely, scented nappy bags!

You have no idea how bad some of these poopies can smell and you do NOT want that stink lingering in your bin at home.


13. Baby lotion

Johnson’s Baby Lotion is well-known to be one of the best baby lotions out there. 

This is because it is made with ingredients that make it ultra-soft for super sensitive skin. 


14. Bath thermometer (If you don’t trust your elbow)

I bought one of these myself, but if you have read my post on ‘What NOT to Buy for a Newborn Baby‘, you will know that I wasted my money.

Since then, I have just used my elbow or wrist to judge the heat of the water. Just have the water warm – not too hot, not too cold.

Newborn baby essential shopping list

Baby Fun and Play

1. Baby books

baby bath booksSoft bath books are great for tiny babies because they are so safe and harmless.

No paper to cut themselves on, no cardboard pages that are too heavy for them to move or hold.


2. Baby activity gym 3-in-1

activity gymI bought this one for my Squidge…which is why I have included it here!

She first started using it from birth (obviously, without the balls) and progressed through the stages of fun as she grew.

She now loves playing in the ball pit and it is actually pretty fun making a game out of putting all the balls back at the end of our play time.

Definitely, one of the best investments I made as a new mum.


3. Soft teddy bears for cuddles

teddy with blankieThis kind of teddy bear (with a mini-blankie) is super sweet for a newborn baby.

Baby can cuddle the teddy and it is just the right size for them to grip on to the blankie.


4. Pram mobile

pram mobileKeeping your little one happy during pram journeys can be a task in itself.

Make your life a little easier – and their life a little more fun, by adding a pram toy to their pram.


5. Sit-me-up cosy

sit me up cosyAhhhh, I wish I was a baby so I could have one of these for myself!

I’m serious…they are awesome.

Not only do they promote good sitting for babies, they are a safe and comfy space for you to place baby if you have things to do (obviously, whilst in the same room).


6. Baby rattles / Baby toys

baby rattlesAs a new mum, you will very quickly come to learn of Sophie the Giraffe.

Sophie is known as one of the best teething companies.

Not all of their products are for teething though.

Rather than buying your little one a generic, normal bunch of rattles, why not get this one which has a textured ring with a rattle small enough for tiny hands to hold. 


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Clothes – Absolutely Essential!

baby clothes

1. Eight sleep suits / long sleeved baby-grows

Other than swaddling, it is recommended that you do not cover your newborn when they are sleeping.

It raises the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)!

Fleece material sleep suits with long sleeves are great for cold weather and at night if you are concerned about your little one’s temperature.


2. One Snowsuit

Snowsuits are better than coats for newborns as they have a whole-body coverage, rather than just the top half.

They also cover your baby’s tootsies (feet) so they are extra toasty in their pram.


3. 12 Vests

Depending on the time of year, you will want to get either long or short sleeved. Vests are known as different things, and are sometimes known as ‘baby-grows’.


4. Two cardigans or jumpers

It is a good idea to get two of these, just in case one gets thrown up on or dirty.


5. Hat, mittens

My little Squidge never wore her hat or mittens.

In fact, she is now two years old and STILL doesn’t keep them on!

We recently went to Prague for the Christmas markets. The temperature there was -2 and she was still so stubborn that she would not wear them – at all!

However, please don’t let that put you off. Hats and mittens are some of the most important things you need when wondering what to buy for a new baby. 


6. Baby booties

Babies lose heat through their little heads and tiny little extremities, so it is important to keep them covered.

Buy one or two pairs of soft-soled baby booties.

Remember, no hard-soled shoes for baby just yet – they won’t be walking for a while, so they need as much wriggle room as possible right now, to let their feet grow properly and develop safely.


7. Sunhat

Although babies lose heat through their heads, so you might think that you don’t need a baby sunhat, you are wrong!

Babies skin is super sensitive and not worth taking the chance to burn it.

My Squidge is half-Latino, so she has olive skin.

It is funny though, because I am so intense about skin-care for her that she actually has a whiter face than her legs…because I cream her up so much when we go abroad! 


Well, I hope you found this list SUPER useful!

I actually WISH there was a list as complete as this when I was pregnant!

It would have saved me a lot of time looking a zillions of different lists to put bits together for my final shopping list :/

Enjoy your shopping, and congratulations again! Yay!