We all have those days when we want to do something fun with the kids, but WHAT?

I used to get completely stuck for ideas and would find myself searching the internet for “fun things to do with a toddler” for over an hour before I found any good and creative ideas of what we could do.
So, to make your life a little bit easier, I have compiled a list of my Top 40 fun things that I like to do with my toddler or that my friends like to do with theirs.
Some of these ideas also have a helpful link with them to help you out even more. For more info on affiliate links, see the Disclosure.

40 Fun Things…

1. Have a picnic in the park (or the living room) – check out some of these picnic bags
2. Have a pillow fight
3. Make paper plate animals or masks – see this to learn a fun way to do it
4. Play a game of on-it (tag)
5. Write a story together and act it out
7. Give the toys a bath
8. Have a dance party
9. Visit your local farm or a Zoo
10. Watch a movie
11. Visit the aquarium
12. Play “Simon Says”
13. Create an indoor obstacle course
14. Go to the park
15. Make shadow puppets (with your hands or cardboard)
16. Play hide and seek
17. Go to feed the ducks
18. Learn some simple magic tricks – here are some you can do at home
19. Play with chalk on the pavement
20. Build an indoor tent with the sofa
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  • Or are you visiting for a few days?
40 Fun things to do with a toddler
21. Bake a yummy, colourful cake or muffins
22. Make your own song
23. Have a read-athon of all their fave books
24. Make friendship bracelets
25. Do finger painting with home-made paints (or try your hand at face painting!)
26. Have a pillow fight
27. Create a secret handshake
28. Go swimming
29. Have a “biggest tower” challenge with building blocks
30. Play a sport
31. Visit a Farmers market at a local farm
32. Visit the library
33. Have a sack race with pillowcases
34. Make your own puzzle
35. Learn to ride a bike – here are some really cool ones!
36. Pretend the floor is hot lava (put towels and pillows on the floor)
37. Do yoga for kids (this one on YouTube is AWESOME!)
38. Make sock puppets
39. Make an “I love you” card for someone special
40. Learn the alphabet in British Sign Language (BSL) or American Sign Language (ASL)
See if any of these Educational Toys for Toddlers take your fancy!


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