How to Create a Kick-A** Blog

How to Create a Kick-A** Blog: 

The Ultimate step-by-step Guide for Beginner Bloggers

(Start a successful and profitable blog from scratch!)

Whether you are a beginner blogger thinking about creating your own blog, or you have just started blogging, this best-selling book was created for you!

Informally written, ‘How to Create a Kick-A** Blog’ teaches you how to do everything you need to create and maintain a successful blog – all in one simple step-by-step guide. Straightforward and easy to understand, this book really is the Ultimate Guide for beginner bloggers!

✔ Plan your blog direction, niche and brand

✔ Create a professional-look and engaging blog website

✔ Write creative killer content that really helps your readers

✔ Learn how to utilise SEO to draw more traffic to your blog

✔ Build a presence and connections on social media

✔ Build and maintain your mailing list

✔ Promote your blog

✔ Monetise your blog and start making money



“You and your material are my saving grace.”

Kay Simone, Single SAHM

Thank you so much for this! I struggle a lot with SEO so I think this will really help.

Megan Kleinschmidt

Thank you for this post! This was the first article that really helped me understand keyword research better. I subscribed to your website!

Suzanne, FibroMomBlog

Lots of really great tips! Thanks for putting so much thought into this and sharing!

Leigh Ann, Nans Daily Dose of Life

Such a great idea to gather it all into one list from one shop. I can almost hear a sigh of relief out there in blogosphere❤️

Linda, Rocking The Spectrum

This is great and as I need motivation and a bit of guidance because I am desperate to shift a few pounds, it is a perfect time for me to read it. There is so much useful info here so I am going to save it so I can study it properly. Thank you

Fiona, Sun Rain Tea

This post has provided me with so much clarity. These concepts were extremely fuzzy in my mind till now. Thank you

Shohinee Deb, Trails of Tales

Phenomenal and helpful post! Wow! This info is amazy.

Teri, Millennial Adulting


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